Monthly Archives: March 2013

Turn ordering off when on holiday?

Had a few requests for “turn ordering off when I’m on holiday” and yesterday managed to find the time to put it together. Needs 1. Ability in admin to turn off the checkout system, or leave it open 2. Ability in admin to set up a “we will be back on {date} message” and other… Read More »

Previous and Next Links in Product Info Page

Someone messaged me with the need for a “previous” and “next” link in product_info.php, which links to the previous and next product within the same category. Needs 1. If there is only 1 product in the category: do not show next link, do not show previous link 2. If the viewer is looking at the… Read More »

Currencies as Icons in 2.3.x

Almost exactly 5 years ago I posted about using icons for currency selection. The question still comes up fairly regularly in the osCommerce forum. So, here’s how to do it in 2.3.x – you’re going to end up with something like this: You need to make a “currency” icon for each currency that you have.… Read More »

Latest osCommerce 2.3.3 Theme – Penny

This theme changes around 10 core osCommerce files so is easy to install even onthe most modified of sites. Have a look at the demo. It is a 1 column design, so there is lots of available space on every page for promoting your products. It has a horizontal menu (with dropdowns), along with a… Read More »