Monthly Archives: April 2013

Twitter Cards for osCommerce

Twitter Cards are a new(ish) service from Twitter. In a nutshell, they give far more info than the standard 140 characters, including image, product name and other information. This is going to be BIG for promoting your products on Twitter. How does it work ? You add extra code (* see below) to your product… Read More »

Better Together Admin from Scott

My friend Scott over at That Software Guy is the go-to guy for discounting modules, and he has put together an Admin package for his “Better Together” system. Better Together offers the following discount possibilities: Two for one on product X Two for one across category X Buy product X, get product Y at a… Read More »

Mailchimp osCommerce Integration

One of my clients needs the ability to send professional HTML Newsletters and keep tabs on open rates, subscriber levels and all the rest of that data that should be interesting to every shop owner. So, he set out to find a Mailchimp integration that; 1. works 2. has modern code 3. looks good 4.… Read More »

Flexible Shipping Module – Per Cent + Fixed

How about the ability to create shipping costs, as so: 1. Percent of Product Cost 2. Fixed Amount Per Product 3. Extra Cost if buying multiples And then go further and say; A. I want these amounts to be different per product B. I want these amounts to compound (add up) So, for example; Speed… Read More »