Need your Feedback on this idea please

I’m considering starting up a monthly subscription where subscribers get everything I make during the month for free – that’s all templates, all code, etc etc. So if I make something cool for a client, subscribers also get a copy of it.

Cost would be £10 per month on a recurring Paypal subscription. For as long as your subscription is active you get ALL the candy I produce each and every month.

I need to ascertain if there is any interest in this idea, so please comment below (or ask questions etc). At this point it is only an idea for exploration, so if you say you are interested you are not actually signing up for anything right now…

Thanks all.

Quick example (going from memory!) of code/templates completed in Janury
– Kripke Template
– Master Slave system rewrite
– Filter category product listings by options/attributes
– Grid or List layout in categories
– Updated new products module
– Updated Specials Page
– Updated Products New Page
– SEO Rewrite (cutting edge, so far unreleased)
– Images for Options (including on the fly image swapping)
– Price change on the fly (for options/attributes)
.. and too much more to list.

So far during February
– check if email is good on account signup
– pre-canned order comments system for
– see order status (and update it) without logging in (good for “guest checkout” checkouts)
– allow customers to update their order_status_history per order
– save customer name and email to CSV to blast into Mailchimp