Google Maps on osCommerce Contact Us Page

Took a few hours out to build up a solid interface to allow shops to easily show a Google Map on their contact us page. Interface has both Shop side (contact_us page):


And Admin side (new locations page), admin side deals with adding, editing and deleting locations:


It’s fully multi-language, and is ready to go. All you need to know is the Lat and Long of your location(s) and those details are simple to find.



Now updated to allow custom Map Markers, for example:


Here you can see that I added a “musical note” to signify the JFK Performing Arts Center.

Buy this Addon for $17 [nicepaypallite name=”osC Google Maps” amount=”17.00″] This addon is not an instant download, you will be contacted by me within 1 working day.

Free Gift Chooser for osCommerce

My fellow developer and good friend Scott over at has come up with an interesting system to allow discounts up to 100% on products when purchasing other products.

For example, you can set up:

Give 100% discount on “The Matrix Reloaded” when purchasing “The Matrix”. In this way, it is like giving a free gift.

Here is the admin interface for setting up these offers:


And here is how the discount shows in the checkout:


And here is a video:

If you are interested in this addon, contact Scott directly.

Installation is super-simple, and you can extend it very easily by having a page or something more cool showing the offers…

Advanced Product Sort Ordering in osCommerce

Had a new client approach me who had tried a number of ways to sort products in each category. She got one way to work, but that approach was to insert a number for sort ordering in the product adding/editing page…

My task therefore was to come up with something that;

1. works!
2. is very simple for the shopowner to use

Here’s what I came up with:

In the video, you can see that I changed the categories page to allow this shopowner to “grab” a product and slide it up or down the list of products. Once the product is in place, the sort order updates itself. In the shop side, this is instantly reflected in the ordering of the product display.

Advanced Sort Order For Products
Advanced Sort Order For Products

As we have “the matrix” on special offer, why not have that product at the top of the list ?

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This addon is not an instant download, you will be contacted by me within 1 working day.