Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tiny Investment … to optimise your osCommerce shop

For a tiny investment of £19 (approx $25, approx Euro 22), you can optimise your (bootstrapped) osCommerce shop in the following ways; 1. All new Social Icon system Proven system that replaces the stock Social Icons. Speeds up your site. 2. Popup Boxes Two versions of Popup boxes (uses Bootstrap Modal). Exit box (ask why… Read More »

Getting ready for 2.4

2.4 will be based on the excellent Community Responsive version, with a few extra changes to accomodate todays needs in terms of codebase. It is not going to be a full OOP codebase, that is coming in v3. Put simply; LOOK/THEME You can expect v2.4 to LOOK just like the Community Responsive. UNDERLYING CODE There… Read More »