Popup – Processing Your Order…

Have you (or rather have your customers) ever noticed a delay when hitting the “do it” button on checkout_confirmation.php ? I have to say that I have never noticed it, but I don’t often buy from osCommerce shops and every test order I make is on my dev server where everything is blazing fast.

One of my long-standing clients sent me this;

…come across a small issue when I hit confirm order on the checkout confirmation page. When I hit the button the button goes a different shade, so it can’t be pressed again which is what should happen, but nothing else happens for a good 3 – 4 seconds. No spooling on the tab bar or anywhere else. It make it look like the page has frozen then the page starts to spool and another few seconds the checkout_confirmation page loads.

I had a bit of think about it, and found some code that creates a popup like this;

I plugged this into a HT module, so it is a super simple installation…just upload, turn on and configure appropriately (text message, colour of graphic bar etc). DONE! NO CODE CHANGES!

Want It?

Donate £5 over here. Please ensure that you mention “popup order” on the paypal note, and remember that your donation can be made anonymous…I look forward to getting this to you as my client rightly says;

…very nice and very good for UX especially after having customers put in their card details. Not a time you want to be putting doubt in their minds…

As a developer rather than a shopowner…I would never have thought about something like this. Yet something so very simple can add a pleasing experience to the Customer.