Monthly Archives: June 2022

Queued Emails – ahoy customers…

A few years ago I made a system that allowed the Shopowner to create Email templates (which I call slugs) – these slugs are then used to create a completely hands off system of emailing your customers, these emails are not sent immediately, but are sent on a schedule (eg “happy birthday” email would go… Read More »

Compare Products (Phoenix)

I set out to update some much older code which allows the shopper to select two (or more) products to compare them side by side.  New buttons in each product_info page Once the “Add To Compare” button is pressed, the user is shown a message, as so, and the Add To Compare becomes “Remove From… Read More »

Protecting against Spammers (contact_us.php)

A long time ago I wrote about protecting contact_us.php with a simple Maths question. See This has been possible in Phoenix for years, with no core code changes. Just upload a hook file and your contact_us is protected. hCaptcha I have just completed another way to protect your form, and this is available free… Read More »

Contact Us upgrade for Phoenix

Over in the Phoenix Forum we’ve put together a nice little bonus for VIP members. Contact Us is now PI enabled meaning you have millions of possibilities for layout of the page…want to add something simple like a maths captcha…takes 10 seconds and has no core code changes. Want to do something more complicated like… Read More »