28d 2018 Day 9 – Hotjar Tracking

By | June 4, 2018

28d 2018 Day 9 – Hotjar Tracking

This HT module allows you to add Hotjar tracking code to your website. This tracking code allows you to use a number of Hotjar Tools, the most interesting of which is their Heatmap. You will need a Hotjar account, which is available both Free and Paid For. Head on over to Hotjar and get an account.

Admin Side

Just insert your Hotjar ID!

Shop Side


At Hotjar

You can see all sorts of interesting data about your site, including heatmaps. You can use heatmaps to better layout your site (eg placing items that you want clicked at a hotspot on your site!)

Type of Module

Header Tag – upload, turn on, insert your Hotjar ID

Core Changes


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