29 Days Of Code
February 2016 - Rocking osCommerce

Day By Day


29 Days Of Code was a project run in 2016 where I released a script or module each day during February, all at pocket money prices.

On 1st February, the first module will cost £1. On the 2nd February the second module is released at £2 and so on, day by day.

As each new module is relased, the previous days modules all increase in price.

By February 29th, the module release that day will cost £29 and all previous days modules will cost £29.

The sooner you purchase, the more cost effective!

Buy All The Modules

Now that the 29DoC Project is over, I'm able to sell these modules as a bundle.

At a price point that will save you hundreds of pounds and, crucially, hundreds of hours of wasted time on useless addons and ill-thought-out code.

So, exactly what should you expect if you "buy all"?

Everything that was released day by day during February, plus some bonuses.

Downloads are not immediate, please allow 1 working day for me to get the files to you.

Got Questions?

Feel free to contact me with any Questions you have...

oscshops AT gmail DOT com


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