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A fellow osCommerce professional asked if I had heard of an add-on that allows the Shop Owner to add a customer review. I was sure that I had created something similar in the recent past, but could not find it, so I set out to code it up.

Step 1: add a “add a new review button”.

When clicked, this leads to;

Step 2: the “adding a new review” form.

Here the Shop Owner can choose the product being reviewed, chosoe the customer doing the review, insert the review text and the review rating. Obviously, sometimes customers will send Shop Owner email about the product they purchased, and this makes it easy to add the review…without having to ask the customer to sign and recreate the email sent to Shop Owner.

As you can see, fairly straightforward. No bells and whistles, just does what it needs to do. Let me know if you have any ideas to make it better?

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  1. Gary,
    This looks exactly what I was after – are you planning on sharing the code?
    Great job.

  2. Dave – I will be adding it to the App Store. So it’ll be a commercial extension (as in Beer money).

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