Another osCommerce Template for 2.3.1

By | December 7, 2010

I spent some time over the past couple of days making up a new theme for 2.3.1. I tried to chop up the structure a lot to make it look less osCommercey than a standard osCommerce site.

Here’s the overall view;

And some features in close-up…

New Product boxes

These boxes contain more information than usual, including a short description of the product with NO cut-off words. In most templates, a substr is used to chop off the description at x number of characters. That’s not good enough for me, so I make sure that words are NOT chopped in half.

Rotating Banners

Just drop a file into the “rotating” folder, and it gets auto-linked to the product you choose! No code or admin changes necessary…

Search in Header

A nice looking search facility, designed to be noticed!

Angled Logo

An angled logo, which is a bit different. Easy to swap out for a new .png image!

Side column

The side column has a cool, clean look. I got rid of the “infoBox” look in favour of a solid background.

How much is the template?

This template costs $99, and comes with 30 minutes of my time for installation and/or minor code changes.

How easy to change the look and colour?

Pretty simple. It’s just .css and images. Make new images, change the .css. The possibilities are endless. Don’t like the green? Change it to pink, blue, red, whatever.


Email me on oscshops AT gmail DOT com. This template is ready to go, and by this time tomorrow you could have it live on your osCommerce 2.3.1 webshop.

2 thoughts on “Another osCommerce Template for 2.3.1

  1. YhwhDesign

    Quick question, and you dont have to answer if you dont want. I have been mauling over the oscommerce 2.3.1 code now for about a week, and can not find how to pull the code that shows the left column (category listing)

    would you be so king to tell me which file it is in so I can finish my project?

    Thanks so much, and I love what you have done with this template.

  2. Gary Post author

    Hi – all you need to do is turn off all the boxes in the column, or set them all to use the other column 😉

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