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Stripos used in RC2

In one place, stripos is used in RC2.  Stripos is PHP5 only, so many shops will break when used on a host that is not up-to-date. The solution is to find every instance of stripos, and change it to strpos (which is backwards PHP compatible).  I believe the only code you will need to change… Read More »

Tableless Design: Power Factory

This site, posted today in the feedback forum of the official osCommerce Forum is  promoted as a “table less” and “completely remade to css” design. Although that’s not quite true (there are some tables), it’s a massive improvement on the normal osCommerce, and well worth looking at (under the bonnet). Check it out:  POWER FACTORY 

HOW TO: show number of products in cart

Shwoing the number of products in osCommerce cart is very simple; echo $cart->count_contents(); This will show the total number of items in a persons cart. You can go further with this and say something like; You have <?php echo $cart->count_contents(); ?> items in your cart. But this will not be grammatically correct if only 1… Read More »