Barclays Pingit Payment Module for osCommerce

By | February 16, 2012

Earlier today, Barclays bank launched a new “payments via mobile phone” service called Pingit. You can read about it here and here. And the official Barclays page here.

Seems like an ideal way to accept small payments for small businesses and personal use. Might force the likes of Paypal and all those other assorted payment processors to come up with some more realistically priced offerings.

A module for osCommerce

Anyway, I came up with a very basic Pingit Payment Module for osCommerce. It’s at and is released on the basis that it is v1.0 and so is highly likely to change over the coming weeks and months.


Is super simple. Just add it as you would any payment module. Then edit it to add your mobile number and the max amount you would want to accept per order.

In use

If the order value exceeds your “max amount” then the payment module does not show. If the payment module is available, and the buyer chooses to use it, then they are asked for their “pingit” mobile number on the checkout_confirmation page.


This number is written to the order_history and can be seen in the order details page in admin. This allows you to tie up the order to the pingit amount that you receive from that mobile number.

It’s all straightforward. It’s a very basic implementation, and you use at your own risk. If anyone who does use it needs changes, I can quote to make those changes if you cannot manage to make them on your own.

8 thoughts on “Barclays Pingit Payment Module for osCommerce

  1. Matt

    Bummer, it’s only available to UK residents… What a great simple way to pay for orders!

  2. Gary Post author

    Yeah, it’s pretty awesome to be able to pay/receive payments via mobile and with no processing charge!

  3. ShaGGy

    Hi Gary,

    Module works fine but for some weird reson it draws 2 x input boxes?

  4. ShaGGy

    I know it’s weird I have looked at the script and can`t see where/how/why it is creating the second input box but it definitely is 🙂 ?

  5. Ian

    Great to see this integration of pingit. If you have ideas of things you would want us to do in the future, we are happy to discuss with early adopters such as yourselves

  6. Jay

    Can you email me as this is something i would like to integrate into a website as a paymentgate way

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