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By | July 9, 2008

Note that this was a comment from “Jason” who didn’t have the balls to leave a real email address – anonymity is the sort of BS that I hate. So, as I cannot answer him by email…

Jason writes;

When are you going to have the WORKING version available to OSC users for free. Basically your original contribution you uploaded to OSC dosen’t work properly (tax calculation) and now your asking people to pay for a working version??? The reason people use OSC is besacuse it’s free!!! No one wants to pay for an install!!!! I didn’t think this was the purpose of “Open Source”???

No Jason, you just didn’t think. GPL has zero to do with cost. You might like to read the GPL website, particularly this page:

The version uploaded is the version that I wrote for MY needs. After loads of people moaned, I made a new version which includes tax calculations. Unfortunately the tax calculation was slightly out, so needed recoding (for certain osCommerce set ups) – it’s only this week that it seems to work for most, repeat MOST stores.

Now, if every module and code released was perfect, there would be NO osCommerce – everything is a work in progress. Obviously that’s something you have not thought about.

It’s pretty frustrating to people who spend time installing this, trying to figure out how to get the taxes configured correctly, then learning you want $50 to install a version that works. If you would just upload the “WORKING” version with or without instructions I bet we could figure out how to install it. Speaking of that, who are these people that had problems installing this??? When was it available on OSC???

What’s frustrating is people like you – supposedly running a professional business – who cannot accept that I also am running a business. Are you going to give away all the products on your osCommerce website for free? No, I thought not. So, what’s the difference with me asking for a contribution towards my cost and time?

Once I am completely happy with the codebase, I will release it on the osCommerce website – until then you wait. Or you pay for an install. Or, you take the open source code that is already available, go to a coder who will make the code changes you need and then you can donate the working code to the project. Or you can just make anonymous comments and act like a troll 😉

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  1. Gary Post author

    Thanks George 🙂

    I have to say that most people understand that GPL does not mean free, just that some people don’t (and probably never will).

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