Bootstrap 4 Build, take a look

By | June 23, 2018

While I’ve been laid up, I took that time out to work Bootstrap v4 into Frozen. Here is osCommerce rebuilt.

Differences are not massive, but to my eye it looks cleaner and tighter.

BSv4 is leaner and meaner than BSv3, which has meant an average 10% increase in Speed.

Let me know your thoughts!

One thought on “Bootstrap 4 Build, take a look

  1. Gary Post author

    Here’s the deal;

    If, by July 1st … I get at least 10 shopowners to grab my latest 28d pack, I’ll clean up the BSv4 code and get out into the wild…

    If you are potentially one of those 10, shoot me an email. I will update comment as I get confirmed and serious interest, reducing the numbers from 10 so we all know how to move forward.

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