call api in checkout process of oscommerce

By | July 6, 2009

Schilt asks;

Dear Sir, how do I go about to solved below problems ?…thank you in advance

Fatal error: Call to a member function call_api() on a non-object in /home/ /public_html/shop/checkout_process.php on line 127

call_api() is a function that tells your checkout_process to do something. call_api() is not a standard part of the checkout_process.php file, so it must be something that you (or someone else) has added (eg a contribution).

I had a quick look and see that “buy safe” uses a call_api() function so this would be your first clue as to what you ahve done and how to fix it.

So how should you fix it?

Try to remember the changes you made to add this call_api() in, and reverse the changes – in other words: uninstall!

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