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Updating Currencies no longer works

A while back it was noticed that the old XE and and OandA currency functions were not working and so I coded up a solution using and dropped it into the Core of the Responsive osCommerce version. Just been advised by a client that this is no longer working as Fixer have pulled their… Read More »

GDPR for osCommerce – shop side

This is a continuation post, please also see “GDPR for osCommerce part 1“ In the previous post we talked about allowing the Shopowner to get consent from customers and saw an easy way to get that consent. In this post I’m going to look at providing a mechanism on the Shop Side to allow the… Read More »

Responsive osCommerce. Frozen and Archived

Frozen After some four and a bit years, I have officially Frozen the Responsive Build. There are still broken things and outdated things and things that should not exist, but they are what they are and I’m not putting in any more hours on it, so they stay broken and outdated. Archived, pending Deletion I… Read More »

28 Days Of Code, 2018 Version…

After a break last year, it is returning! I already have about 20 bits and pieces of code ready to go. I have another one in the final stages of being tested. And I have some ideas for 2 or 3 more… If you have an idea for a small or medium piece of code… Read More »

VAT Relief for osCommerce

In the UK there is a system of VAT Relief which is applicable to disabled shoppers. It’s called “VAT Relief” and you can read more about it here. In a nutshell, shopowners who sell products that can be used by disabled people, can allow the shopper to certify that they are eligible for VAT Relief.… Read More »

Category Redirect to Product Page

Does your shop sometimes have just 1 product in a category? if so, you are giving your customers an extra page to visit if they navigate using your category tree… A typical example would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab product on a demo osCommerce site. To get to this product, shopper needs to click; Gadgets… Read More »

Product Tags (aka Keywords)

If you’ve been following my efforts to keep osCommerce alive, you’ll know that I coded (into the core) a system that allows Shopowner to easily maintain an “internal search engine” based around the concept of tagging products with a number of keywords. The idea behind the system is to allow other words (not in the… Read More »

Business Schema

Did you ever search Google and find really interesting details about a Business, for example opening times and email addresses and so on. It looks a bit like this: This is achieved by letting Google know more information about your business, which is most easily done by using “Schema“. In Responsive osCommerce I strived quite… Read More »

Mailchimp Dashboard

This new module allows you to see at a glance the number of subscribers in your list, the last send date and the number of subscribers you have gained/lost since that last send. It looks like this: It is a Dashboard module for osCommerce admin, so it installs very easily – simply upload it, turn… Read More »

Tiny Investment … to optimise your osCommerce shop

For a tiny investment of £19 (approx $25, approx Euro 22), you can optimise your (bootstrapped) osCommerce shop in the following ways; 1. All new Social Icon system Proven system that replaces the stock Social Icons. Speeds up your site. 2. Popup Boxes Two versions of Popup boxes (uses Bootstrap Modal). Exit box (ask why… Read More »