Product Tags (aka Keywords)

If you’ve been following my efforts to keep osCommerce alive, you’ll know that I coded (into the core) a system that allows Shopowner to easily maintain an “internal search engine” based around the concept of tagging products with a number of keywords. The idea behind the system is to allow other words (not in the product name/description) to be searched for using the advanced_search.php.

A typical example might be;

Product Name: Coca Cola
Product Description: A lovely refreshing drink.

Scenario: person searches for “Coke”.
Result: nothing found.
Solution: Shopowner adds a Tag “Coke”.

Now the product can be found in the search facility. It was brought to my attention that I never coded a way for product tags to be shown on the product_info page.

Introducing the all new Tags module

With this simple upload…turn on…forget module, any product that has tags will display them. The label colour is configurable, the icon is changable and each tag links directly to advanced_search_result.php so that customer can easily find other products with the same tag.

Want It?

Make a donation of just £3 or more at this donation link – donations can be anonymous and are done via Paypal. By making a donation, you are helping to support the future of the Responsive osCommerce project. Within 24 hours of your donation, I’ll get the zip to you. Please place a note on the donation stating “Keyword Tags”.

Important Note

This system is available only for the Community Responsive osCommerce.

Business Schema

Did you ever search Google and find really interesting details about a Business, for example opening times and email addresses and so on. It looks a bit like this:

This is achieved by letting Google know more information about your business, which is most easily done by using “Schema“. In Responsive osCommerce I strived quite hard to add in “product” schema and that is working very well for a large number of shopowners, but that’s all about the Products and not about your Business…


Now I have an extension which adds in some more Schema markup. It is a Header Tag module and lists the following details: Type of Business, Name, Image, Opening Hours, Price Range, Payment Methods, Telephone, Email, URL, Address – more can be added as needed…


Very easy. Upload 2 files via FTP. Enter Admin and turn on the new Module. Insert Parameters and press save.


Allows Google to better understand your business.

Want It

All osCommerce versions from v.2.3.1 onwards.
Including Responsive (Community Edition) osCommerce Gold or Edge.

Make a donation of £3 at this link, the donation can be anonymous and goes via Paypal – please let me know (in the Paypal Comment Box) that the donation is for “Schema Business” – thanks.

By making a donation, you are helping to support the future of the Responsive osCommerce project. Within 24 hours of your donation, I’ll get the zip to you. THANK YOU.

Mailchimp Dashboard

This new module allows you to see at a glance the number of subscribers in your list, the last send date and the number of subscribers you have gained/lost since that last send.

It looks like this:

It is a Dashboard module for osCommerce admin, so it installs very easily – simply upload it, turn it on, and insert your parameters (in this case, your Mailchimp API Key and List ID):

Want it?

All osCommerce versions from v.2.3.1 onwards.
Including Responsive (Community Edition) osCommerce Gold or Edge.

You must have a Mailchimp List!

Make a donation of £3 at this link, the donation can be anonymous and goes via Paypal – please let me know (in the Paypal Comment Box) that the donation is for “MC Dashboard” – thanks.

By making a donation, you are helping to support the future of the Responsive osCommerce project. Within 24 hours of your donation, I’ll get the zip to you. THANK YOU.

Tiny Investment … to optimise your osCommerce shop

For a tiny investment of £19 (approx $25, approx Euro 22), you can optimise your (bootstrapped) osCommerce shop in the following ways;

1. All new Social Icon system
Proven system that replaces the stock Social Icons. Speeds up your site.

2. Popup Boxes
Two versions of Popup boxes (uses Bootstrap Modal).
Exit box (ask why people are bailing out of your site? give them an offer to complete checkout?)
Pageload box (popup after X many pageloads).

3. Formatting UK postcodes
Hook in create_account and a shipping module for postcode delivery

4. Googles Address Autocomplete
Use googles technology to allow address finding in create_account.php

5. Facebook Dynamic Ads
Utilise the power of Facebook for promotion.
Full system.

6. A bunch more modules
Navbar, Content, Header Tags

Read more here.

29 Days Of Code, Rocking osCommerce AGAIN!


What is it?

At least 29 scripts or modules for osCommerce.

How does it work?

Just like last year, a bunch of modules released day by day at pocket money prices.

On February 1st, a module is released at a cost of £1.00.
On February 2nd, another module is released at a cost of £2.00.  Module from the 1st rises in price to £2.00
On February 3rd, another module is released at a cost of £3.00.  Modules from the previous days increase to £3.00

And so on, all the way to 29th February when a module is released at £29, and all previous days modules rise in price to £29.00.

So, it is wise to purchase the module you like on the day you see it as that is when it is most cost-effective.

Take a look

Check it out at 29 Days Of Code.  Feel free to let me know what you think of the idea of bring well coded modules at very little cost.

Want to know what’s upcoming?


28 Days Of Code, Rocking osCommerce

I’ve started a “pop up” site for February 2015 over at 28 Days Of Code, where I am making available a bunch of modules and other things each day during the month.

Price starts very low, and increases by £1 each day – in this way it’s possible to get some great modules at ultra low cost.


Some of the modules are for 2.3.4(normal), some are for 2.3.4(bootstrap) and some are for both. I’ve got some very cool modules upcoming … including some never before seen in osCommerce … if you have a minute, wander over to 28DofC site and sign up to the mailing list to be notified each day of what module becomes available. I am 100% certain you will find something you like at some point during the month !

Modules become available at midnight (UK time) each day, and the starting price lasts until the next module becomes available – the quicker you buy, the more cost effective it is.

Mailchimp for osCommerce

I wrote about this module a couple of years ago, since then more and more osCommerce users have stopped using the inbuilt Newsletter system and are instead using Mailchimp. And for good reason, the inbuilt system is simply not good enough for todays consumer or shopowner.


As a shopowner you want to track opens and clicks of your Newsletter. You want to create campaigns that work based on a number of factors – all of which are available from Mailchimp at no cost (until you get to the stage of having many 1000s of subscribers).

Introducing the Mailchimp <> osCommerce bridge

It’s a fairly simple box module that uses Ajaxy goodness to instantly sign up a GUEST or an existing CUSTOMER. No more rubbish core code changes to allow your shop to target those who are interested in you but have never signed up for a full account.

Here is how it looks in the Bootstrap osCommerce:


Nice and simple. Best of all can easily be styled using Bootstrap…if you are using the responsive osCommerce. If you are on the bog standard 2.3 series, it’ll look like the rest of your boxes in your shop…

So, are you interested in taking your marketing to the next level ? Sign up at Mailchimp, then email me to purchase this all new Mailchimp Module, cost is set at £49 (installation is not included, this can be performed at small extra cost).


Demo is here (box at top of right hand column). Please note that this will sign you up to my “28 Days Of Code” Newsletter assuming you confirm your subscription. To test the system you should confirm, you can easily unsubscribe yourself straightaway.

Technical Details

  • Requires v2.3 osCommerce
  • Requires PHP 5.6 or greater

Module Details

  • Uses latest v3 Mailchimp API
  • Box Module (2.3.4 Official & 2.3.4 Responsive) or Footer Content Module (2.3.4 Responsive)
  • OPTIONAL Core Changes to create_account and account_newsletters
  • Mailchimp Webhooks included

What are you waiting for ? Christmas?

A broken leg leads to a lack of posting …

No posts from me for 4 months due to recovering from a very badly broken leg, though why that stopped me typing I have no real idea. I hope you all had a good Xmas and best wishes for a prosperous 2015 in your osCommerce shops.

Responsive osCommerce

We released the “gold” version of the responsive build, which means that we worked out all the bugs known until that point and the software is in use on many sites. Here’s a couple of good looking Responsive Templates, that change hardly any (or none at all) core code…

You can find the gold download at the Github Repository.

Coming Soon, 28 Days Of Code

During February 2015, I’ll be releasing 1 piece of code each day, which will be a fully built module that does something useful or interesting or cool. Sign up to be notified of each days release at 28DaysOfCode. Some modules will be for 2.3, some for the responsive version and some for both. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting…


Maybe it’s time for you to give osCommerce another go, or to upgrade your existing shop to Responsive.

MP3 Player in osCommerce

Very simple project to add in a new upload feature on each product (in admin > categories.php) that allows the Shopowner to attach a sample MP3.

In the shop, if the person browsing is looking at a product that has a MP3 attached, a nice MP3 player appears.

Video (no sound):


Cost is 99 which includes installation, training and ongoing support. Get in touch to ask any pre-sales questions.

Stocktake by Attribute, Modernised

I’ve previously posted about this system on the blog, but never reposted about the updates. What I am going to explain to you all in detail is an alternative to BOTH “qt pro” and “master / slave products”.

Take the example of a shop selling Tshirts which come in 5 colours and 3 sizes. The usual options and attributes system looks like this:


which allows buyers to select combinations that are not in stock – this is obviously undesirable for most shopowners. The updated attributes extension allows the shopowner to change the layout:


So what? Well, this means that the shopowner can add in much more detail to options/attributes including the ability to track stock:


Let’s drilldown each option in detail;

Multiple Attribute Set Purchase

This option allows the shopowner to select between an individual buy button per attribute set OR a quantity input box per attribute set with 1 overall buy button.


Show Attributes *

All of these options turn on or off the individual columns. For example, if you do not want to show the stock column, simply turn the option to false.

Show Attributes Zero Stock

The only different one is this one, which allows the shopowner to entirely remove those attribute sets which are sold out. Set to “true”, means the attribute set will show even if none are available to purchase and vice-versa:


Checking Out

Check out is performed in the same way as any osCommerce shop. The products model is saved slightly differently as it is made up of the overall products_model (standard in osCommerce) with the attribute set SKU as part of it. In the Tshirt example, buying a Pink Small would result in the order being recorded as “tshirt-pink-s”.

Stock Reduction

Stock reduction is performed on the attribute set, for however many are ordered. In this way, this extension replaces “QT Pro”.

This system also replaces the “Master Slave” product system, as the ability to add an image and SKU to an attribute set acts as a “slave product”.

Video of the system in action (has sound!):


The system is available for all osCommerce versions from 2.3.1 > 2.3.4. It is also available for the Bootstrap versions, and 2.4.


There is a cost attached to this new system so that I can recoup the development time. The cost is 99 which includes installation and training on how to set up attribute sets. Get in touch if you are interested.

Here’s another example, this time showing that a product can be bought in singles or in a box. Prices show nicely and stock can be tracked.