Google Maps on osCommerce Contact Us Page

Took a few hours out to build up a solid interface to allow shops to easily show a Google Map on their contact us page. Interface has both Shop side (contact_us page):


And Admin side (new locations page), admin side deals with adding, editing and deleting locations:


It’s fully multi-language, and is ready to go. All you need to know is the Lat and Long of your location(s) and those details are simple to find.



Now updated to allow custom Map Markers, for example:


Here you can see that I added a “musical note” to signify the JFK Performing Arts Center.

Buy this Addon for $17 [nicepaypallite name=”osC Google Maps” amount=”17.00″] This addon is not an instant download, you will be contacted by me within 1 working day. – bugfix release

New osCommerce Release – a bugfix release of 2.3.3, which is designated

This solves a few important bugs in 2.3.3, namely;

  1. Who’s Online
    • Parse REQUEST_URI with tep_db_prepare_input() before storing the value in the database.
    • Replace REMOTE_ADDR with tep_get_ip_address().
  2. Administration Tool -> Catalog -> Categories/Products
    • Fix product price gross tax calculations when adding or editing products.
  3. Sessions
    • Register a shutdown function to close and write the session data.
  4. tep_redirect()
    • When redirecting from HTTPS -> HTTP and replacing the url with a HTTPS
      version, also take DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG into consideration which may differ
  5. Session
    • Also check for and allow , (comma) and – (minus) characters in the session ID.

If you are presently at 2.3.1, you need to make the following updates; 2.3.2, 2.3.3,
If you are presently at 2.3.2, you need to make the following updates; 2.3.3,
If you are presently at 2.3.3, you need to make the following updates;

You must ensure to do the updates in the correct order, to ensure that your shop files and database match. If they do not match, some parts of your website will cease to function.

Should you wish to have a quotation on updating from 2.3.1 or 2.3.2 or 2.3.3 to – please email me on (let me know which version osCommerce you are presently using: admin > tools > version checker and I will get back to you within a few hours. If you are on a very old version of osCommerce (the 2.2 series), I can still update you to – get in touch.

Ultra flexible shipping module

Had a request from a long time client who needed a new shipping module where he could;

1. Set up a number of zones (in each zone is a group of countries)

2. For each zone have 5 input boxes;
a. First X Kgs
b. The cost for first X kgs
c. Next Y Kgs
d. The cost for the next Y kgs
e. Handling cost

So, the shop-owner can now say (remember all in 1 module);

For US and Canada charge:

5 for any weight up to 3kgs
+ 1.40 for every extra 1kg or part thereof
+ 4.00 handling charge

For UK charge:

10 for any weight up to 2kgs
+ 2.00 for every extra 1.3kgs or part thereof
+ 0.00 handling charge

For Australia charge:

0 for any weight up to 2kgs
+ 0.00 for every extra 2kgs or part thereof
+ 15.00 handling charge

Taking a order weight of a total of 6kgs, these would result in quotes of;

US: 5 + (3*1.40) + 4 = 13.20
UK: 10 + (3/1.3 * 2) + 0 = 16
AU: 0 + (0 * 2) + 15 = 15

As you can easily see, the system is quite flexible allowing a mix of systems from a flat fee (the AUS example) to more complicated structure such as can be see in the USA example.

All in all, a nice little modification that should help the shop owner to offer a more competitive shipping fee structure, leading to less dropout of buyers.

New Templates – the only osCommerce certified provider of 2.3 templates

Now have a few osCommerce Templates available at osc Templates, all priced very low – just £16 (about $25). Take a look. You might find one that suits your needs. Remember that all these templates can be changed in any way you wish to better reflect your site.

All the Templates are instantly downloadable, and super simple to install – most take not more than 5 minutes from paying via Paypal to being live on your site!!

osC Templates is the only certified provider of 2.3 templates…

Special Offer

Buy a Template and get a FREE eBook. Buy any of the Templates listed and choose any one eBook from osc Books entirely free OR choose a free installation of the template you bought. Easy as 123 – buy the template you like and then get in touch to let me know if you want an eBook or an install.

Offer expires at some point during August, so make that buying decision sooner rather than later!

Free Taster eBook and Mailing List and News

Free Taster:

If you’ve been umming and aahing about spending a tenner on my design for 2.3 eBook – then have a download of the free taster ebook. If you like the style of writing, maybe you’ll go ahead and purchase the full ebook…

Free Taster eBook

Mailing List:

I’ve also started up a mailing list for buyers of my books and templates. I’m going to use it for making purchasers aware of updates to existing books/templates and any new releases I make. Subscribers will also be sent freebies at least once a month. It costs nothing to sign up – all you need to do is download the free taster (or any of my other free ebooks) and you’ll be able to sign up.

In other News:

I’m now on the osCommerce Team. After more than a decade using osCommerce, it’s the start of a new direction for osCommerce, based on ideas given by the user community, so if you would like to comment on how you would like to see osCommerce evolve over the coming months, here’s your chance.

Add Large Image (link) in Admin

How to make the “add large image” link more prominent. In a standard osCommerce, the add large image link looks like this;


It’s the tiny line of text with a blue cross. I get quite a few emails a month regarding this, as it’s not obvious to see it. So, let’s make it look more like this:


That is obviously a lot better looking and of course the style would change if you changed the main UI theme.

Open up categories.php and find:

<a href=”#” onclick=”addNewPiForm();return false;”><span class=”ui-icon ui-icon-plus” style=”float: left;”></span><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_ADD_LARGE_IMAGE; ?></a>

Change to:

<span class=”tdbLink”><a href=”#” id=”add_image” onclick=”addNewPiForm();return false;”><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_ADD_LARGE_IMAGE; ?></a></span>
<script type=”text/javascript”>$(“#add_image”).button({icons:{primary:”ui-icon-plus”}}).addClass(“ui-priority-secondary”).parent().removeClass(“tdbLink”);</script>

In case the blog messes up the code, you can find the change at pastebin also. Enjoy.

Mailchimp osCommerce Integration

One of my clients needs the ability to send professional HTML Newsletters and keep tabs on open rates, subscriber levels and all the rest of that data that should be interesting to every shop owner.

So, he set out to find a Mailchimp integration that;

1. works
2. has modern code
3. looks good
4. has the ability to talk both ways (osc > MC and MC > osc)

There are NONE that are made for osCommerce. So…let’s get started;

What is needed?

a. ability for new customers to tick the newsletter box in create_account.php
b. ability for existing customers to add themselves onto the mailing list
c. ability for existing customers to remove themselves from the mailing list
d. ability for admin to add or remove customers from the mailing list
e. if a subscriber deletes themself via the unsubscribe link (in the newsletter) their shop account is changed to reflect this
f. ability for NON customers to sign up

Let’s look at each in detail;

a. newsletter box in create_account.php


If this is ticked, I initiate a call to the Mailchimp API and the customer is added to the mailing list.
If this is not ticked, do nothing.

b and c. existing customer can sub and unsub


Simply by unticking this box to unsub and ticking it to sub.

d. admin can sub and unsub individual customers


This is at customers > {select customer} > edit

e. MC to osc, if an unsub occurs via the mailchimp API using a webhook.
Or, in english, if the subscriber leaves via the email unsub link, a signal is sent from Mailchimp which updates the customer record – and sets b/c and d to “unsubscribed”.

f. guests


A nice little infoBox that is ajax enabled, so the customer does not have to leave your site.

Bear in mind that all these changes (subbing, unsubbing) are done silently in the background – so they will not take away the main emphasis of your shop, which is to sell your goods/services.


Working with the Mailchimp API is fairly straightforward if you are able to think logically about what you require. It’s my opinion that all shops should be making use of a newsletter system be that Mailchimp, the inbuilt osCommerce system or whatever is suitable for your needs. If you don’t send Newsletters, you are missing out on a good way to garner sales.

And now the Sales Pitch

If you are using Mailchimp and want this modification for your osCommerce Shop – get in touch. Feel free to post any questions in the comments.

Flexible Shipping Module – Per Cent + Fixed

How about the ability to create shipping costs, as so:

1. Percent of Product Cost
2. Fixed Amount Per Product
3. Extra Cost if buying multiples

And then go further and say;

A. I want these amounts to be different per product
B. I want these amounts to compound (add up)

So, for example;

Speed DVD: Charge $3.00 shipping + $1.00 for each extra copy
Unreal Tournament: Charge 10.5% for shipping

Shipping cost If buying 2 of Speed and 1 of Unreal would be:

Speed DVD: 3 + 1
Unreal Tournament: 9.45 (89.99 *10.5%)

For a grand total of $13.45


Now let’s add in a 3 Microsoft Mouses for which we nothing for the first one and $5 each for the extras.


As you can see, the cost for shipping has gone up by $10. Now let’s add in the ability to have an overall handling fee on the entire order of $2.75.


Now let’s add in 3 of Blade Runner which ships free of charge irrespective of how many bought.


The price has not changed! Which is perfect.

So, if you think about this, you can mix and match a number of costs;

– overall shipping fee
– per cent per item
– per item
– per item per multiple buy
– free shipping per item

This gives unparalleled flexibility in terms of shipping fee!

Previous and Next Links in Product Info Page

Someone messaged me with the need for a “previous” and “next” link in product_info.php, which links to the previous and next product within the same category.


1. If there is only 1 product in the category: do not show next link, do not show previous link
2. If the viewer is looking at the 1st product in the category: do not show previous link
3. If the viewer is looking at the last product in the category: do not show next link
4. For previous and next links, show the product name

There are a couple of contributions that can do some of this [1] [2]. Both of these are coded poorly, so it is time to come up with something new.

A. Grab the other products in the category being looked at.
B. Pass these into an array
C. Use array functions to grab the array entries either side of the current item
D. Pass those entries into jqueryui buttons and mine the products name

It ended up like this


And in action

Need something similar? Email me, and you can have this for a beer fee.