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Mailchimp osCommerce Integration

One of my clients needs the ability to send professional HTML Newsletters and keep tabs on open rates, subscriber levels and all the rest of that data that should be interesting to every shop owner. So, he set out to find a Mailchimp integration that; 1. works 2. has modern code 3. looks good 4.… Read More »

Flexible Shipping Module – Per Cent + Fixed

How about the ability to create shipping costs, as so: 1. Percent of Product Cost 2. Fixed Amount Per Product 3. Extra Cost if buying multiples And then go further and say; A. I want these amounts to be different per product B. I want these amounts to compound (add up) So, for example; Speed… Read More »

Previous and Next Links in Product Info Page

Someone messaged me with the need for a “previous” and “next” link in product_info.php, which links to the previous and next product within the same category. Needs 1. If there is only 1 product in the category: do not show next link, do not show previous link 2. If the viewer is looking at the… Read More »

Currencies as Icons in 2.3.x

Almost exactly 5 years ago I posted about using icons for currency selection. The question still comes up fairly regularly in the osCommerce forum. So, here’s how to do it in 2.3.x – you’re going to end up with something like this: You need to make a “currency” icon for each currency that you have.… Read More »

Latest osCommerce 2.3.3 Theme – Penny

This theme changes around 10 core osCommerce files so is easy to install even onthe most modified of sites. Have a look at the demo. It is a 1 column design, so there is lots of available space on every page for promoting your products. It has a horizontal menu (with dropdowns), along with a… Read More »

Nice and easy modification for a beer

A person searching for a way to ensure unique data came across this post which I made for a client a couple of years ago. Within 20 minutes, that new client had paypal’d me a couple of beers, I had installed the modification, tested it and tweaked it a little ready for him to use.… Read More »

Grouping together products for easy purchasing

Imagine for example that you owned a gift shop running osCommerce, and your gifts are in categories…fairly straighforward shop setup, right? Now imagine that it is a month or so away from Valentines day, and you want to make a new page in your shop on which you will add some products from “this” category… Read More »

Customers Personal Page

Imagine if you will owning an osCommerce shop that is quite large, and giving customers the ability to “save” products to a special page thereby making it very easy for them to return and order something they found at your site. I suppose it is a bit like a “private wishlist”. Imagine no more as… Read More »

Simple Pre Order System

One of my long standing clients needed a solution that allows customer to purchase “out of stock” products, and writes a prominent message telling them that their order will be dispatched when the product is back in stock. Customer came up with the idea of some sort of flag based on products_stock (which is the… Read More »

osCommerce Reboot

It’s been a long time coming but osCommerce (the brand) has been rebooted. The main website at has been updated and is now running on custom software. The Forum software has been updated with many new features including a nice “member of the month” feature. There are new Sponsorship opportunities for both “community sponsors”… Read More »