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JavaScript Off? Check your site…

Some people, myself included, browse websites with .js turned off. If I need to access a sites javascript features I can easily make an exception on a site by site basis. What this means is that 90% of sites I visit do not work, or work but look awful. For example, visiting any blogspot blog… Read More »

Pinterest for osCommerce

Needed to code up a Pinterest Social Bookmark module for a client yesterday… I had a quick look in the add-on area at the official osCommerce site, but found nothing of ‘interest’ – just a broken version that needs removing from the add-on area. I did notice that my friend Matt over at Sweetness and… Read More »

Filter Specifications

As regular readers will know, I made a couple of addons recently that do a good job, namely “Product Specifications” and “Manufacturers Filter“. Both of these work well, and so I wanted to take the next step and combine the two ideas together, so that a shopowner can; 1. Add specifications to products 2. Filter… Read More »

Filter Categories by Manufacturer

Every website/makeover I build, I try to do something that I have never seen done before on a osCommerce site. For the latest build I put together a new box module that allows the shopper to drill down the category by manufacturer. If that sounds familiar, it is because it already exists in osCommerce, as… Read More »

Choose your own selection project

A guest post from Matt over at – purveyor of chocolate and other goodies. Selecting a bunch of products to create 1 overall product When you need your customers to be able to choose from a variety of products to create one final product to add to their cart, you will find that the… Read More »

Open a different box by default in Admin

Really short post as this is so simple. When you open the osCommerce admin, the “configuration” box is open by default. This is because it is at the top of the boxes list. If you place a different box on the top of the list, that one will be open by default instead. Easy as… Read More »

Sort Shipping Modules by cost

Sorting the shipping modules is simple in osCommerce – just amend the sort order in the admin area. This is fine to do and works well. I was recently approached to come up with an idea to sort the shipping modules based on the cost of shipping. This is much more difficult if the shipping… Read More »

Shipping Module powered by CSV

Approached recently to quote for building a shipping module, powered by a CSV file. The CSV file Contains 4 pieces of information; postcode, shipping_cost, amount at which shipping becomes free, courier name The CSV file can consist of thousands of such entries. Shipping Module (Shop) This reads the CSV and outputs the necessary information; Shipping… Read More »

Category View: Grid or List?

In the ongoing project that I am working on, the client decided that he would like the ability to choose how each category displays; whether it be a “grid” view, or a “list” view… There are a few older forum posts about this, and some sites have some good examples of something very close in… Read More »

System for assigning products to specifications

Currently working on a modification that allows the shop owner to easily add new “specifications” and then assign products. A typical use for this would be in a clothes shop. Sometimes clothes come in men, women, unisex. My new system would give the ability to have these specifications set out like the manufacturers are, and… Read More »