28 Days Of Code, Day 27 – Gallery

For Day 27 of the project I created a Gallery system, which has its own backend page and a cool looking page in the front end for displaying the uploaded images.



As you can see the uploades images display in grey tone. On mouseover they are colour. On popup they are colour. Images can have multilingual title.




Cost: £39

Get in touch by email if you would like to purchase.

28 Days Of Code – Day 1, Holiday or Away Message

Many moons ago I had created a fairly simple “we’re away” piece of code that changed a couple of core files. I updated this to make it into a Header Tag Module so it’s a very simple installation.

I made a version for the Bootstrapped osCommerce:


And for the normal osCommerce:



Installation takes 10 seconds, turning it on in admin takes 20 seconds, adding your message takes 30 seconds. 1 minute total to place an explanation message and/or turn off your checkout entirely.

Good For:

– 2.3 series osCommerce
– 2.3.4 Bootstrapped osCommerce

Possible uses

– shut down your checkout while you are on vacation
– shut down your checkout whilst performing site maintenance
– display any messsage you wish

Ready to buy it ? The cost is £9. Get in touch with me by email if you are interested.