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Product Groups – for Bootstrap osCommerce

This system allows you to easily and quickly attach products into groups or sets. Each of these sets has it’s own page. This is fantastic if you have products across multiple categories, that can also be sold or displayed as one set of products. A typical example could be clothing, where you can put together… Read More »

28 Days Of Code, Day 27 – Gallery

For Day 27 of the project I created a Gallery system, which has its own backend page and a cool looking page in the front end for displaying the uploaded images. Frontend: As you can see the uploades images display in grey tone. On mouseover they are colour. On popup they are colour. Images can… Read More »

28 Days Of Code – Day 1, Holiday or Away Message

Many moons ago I had created a fairly simple “we’re away” piece of code that changed a couple of core files. I updated this to make it into a Header Tag Module so it’s a very simple installation. I made a version for the Bootstrapped osCommerce: And for the normal osCommerce: Installation Installation takes 10… Read More »