Order Status Messages … Admin Change

I was approached by a long standing customer who uses the inbuilt “Order Status” system a lot (eg change from processing to delivered and so on). A nuisance of the system is that he had to copy and paste the same message multiple times per day when updating.

I know there are at least a couple of addons that can do the job, but they are all old, broken, tired, crap. So I set up to code up an integrated system that allows the shopowner to attach a message to each order status;

– took about 10 lines of code in orders_status.php file

Now when the status dropdown is changed, the system finds the relevant message and inserts into the comments box.

– 1 new block of code in orders.php

Non-invasive (although obviously as it is Admin side, there are core code changes), easy to use and solid.

Purchase Order for osCommerce

Recently a client of mine decided to do away with the useless “best sellers” page in admin (found at admin > reports > products purchased) and instead make it do something more useful.

Introducing the “Purchase Order” report…

1. We added a dropdown to select the last 30 / 60 / 90 days. When this is clicked the report updates to show a list of all the products sold within the selected timeframe


You’ll notice there are some extra columns; Manufacturers Name, Model, Stock on Hand. You’ll also notice a very special column where you can insert the quantity you want to re-order.

2. We added a “create purchase order” button linked to a script that creates a CSV file ready to save onto your hard drive and open up in your favourite spreadsheet.


Are you asking yourself how can that be useful ? If so, then you don’t need this script 🙂 If you can see the value of having a re-ordering script like this, then get in touch with me by email ( oscshops@gmail.com ) as it can be yours at very low cost, fully installed, and fully supported and with any extra changes needed.

Possible extensions that I can think of; show gross amount of sales, show net sales, show sales made in August 2013. Show sales that have an order status of completed. I’m sure you can think of more. Use this script to supercharge your backend reporting and purchase ordering…

And here’s a video of it in action