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Database interrogation using PHPMyAdmin

Although I have not logged into the osC forum for a few weeks, I have been directed to a number of threads where users are wanting help. I’ll log in the forum sometime soon. In the meantime, someone for whom I have previously done some consulting asked this; I need to run an SQL query… Read More »

Add Customer Reviews in Admin

A fellow osCommerce professional asked if I had heard of an add-on that allows the Shop Owner to add a customer review. I was sure that I had created something similar in the recent past, but could not find it, so I set out to code it up. Step 1: add a “add a new… Read More »

WordPress and osCommerce – Admin 404

I cleaned and secured a osCommerce site the other day which is run in a subdirectory of a hosting account, like so /public_html/shop/. The admin area is at /public_html/shop/admin/ [ actually it’s in a randomly named admin folder, but for the blog post, let’s assume it is at /shop/admin/ ] In the root of the… Read More »

Reviews in Product Page?

Just a quick post as I wanted to remind myself to write more on this. Presently working on some ideas for a client, one of his needs is to have the “reviews” adding functionality in the product page. As we know that to place a review the customer MUST be logged in, I decided to… Read More »

Remove all Items from Shopping Cart

In this post, I’m going to show you how to add a new button into the shopping cart page that will allow your customers to remove all items from their shopping cart in just one click… In standard osCommerce, each product has it’s own individual “remove” link – which is fine and works well. My… Read More »

Recently Viewed infoBox in 2.3.1

I needed to code up a feature for a client which tracks a visitor “product_info.php” page views to basically show them what they recently viewed. I have to say that although I never thought about it, this is quite handy to have, as I have often been on the point of buying, looked at something… Read More »