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Category Redirect to Product Page

Does your shop sometimes have just 1 product in a category? if so, you are giving your customers an extra page to visit if they navigate using your category tree… A typical example would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab product on a demo osCommerce site. To get to this product, shopper needs to click; Gadgets… Read More »

Free Gift Chooser for osCommerce

My fellow developer and good friend Scott over at has come up with an interesting system to allow discounts up to 100% on products when purchasing other products. For example, you can set up: Give 100% discount on “The Matrix Reloaded” when purchasing “The Matrix”. In this way, it is like giving a free… Read More »

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking for osCommerce

Here’s the next script that I need a couple of testers for, a cleanly coded “Header Tags” module for Adwords Conversion Tracking, written for 2.3 series of osCommerce. This basically installs very easily, like any other header_tags module and allows you to track your adwords conversions on a order by order basis. What do you… Read More »

Lead Time – handmade products

Project for today was to build a system to allow a shopowner to assign a leadtime to products. For example, a hand made product that takes 3 days to produce. Now imagine shopowner sells 50 or 60 such products, some of which can be sent immediately, some take 3 days to produce, some take 5… Read More »

Backport 2.3.1 images to 2.2

There are loads of multiple images contributions for 2.2, I even made one myself years ago. Since 2.3.1 came out I have been quite impressed with the admin functionality and shop funtionality of the multiple image system – I previously blogged about it here. Last week, a new client (still on osCommerce 2.2) approached me… Read More »

Coming Soon, Links Manager for 2.3.1

There are a couple of add-ons for managing links, I have tried them and I have not been impressed with any of them. Some are bloated, some have redundant code, some are just plain dangerous when it comes to using them for SEO. All are ugly. My idea is to code up a new system… Read More »

Manufacturers in osCommerce

Yesterday, I was asked to quote on making some changes to the Manufacturer system in osCommerce. At the moment it is quite limited as all you can do is add the Manufacturer Name, Logo and URL. These then show in an infoBox, based on the manufacturer of the product that you are looking at; I… Read More »

Voucher Module for Burts Coupon System

Well, I have had more than a handful of requests for this, so it’s time to think about getting it coded. It was always my intention to do this, but other work of course gets in the way. In order to raise the necessary funds for coding to be started, I’m going to raise the… Read More »

Half Kilos in osCommerce shipping

Yesterday I was asked by a client to create quite a complicated shipping module. The module (now it’s completed) is a mash up of zones (but by states not countries), by weight per kilo and half kilo, via two separate couriers. It basically covers 3 different zones, in zones 1 and 2 are a number… Read More »

SEO Urls 5 by FWR Media & HT SEO 3 by Jack MCS

Today I had a client who needed HT SEO installed on a site – no real problems as it’s a nice contribution that is well maintained by Jack MCS. However this client is running a Template Monster template, which, as we all know, is the epitome of crap coding… However, the installation was made. To… Read More »