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Contribution Talk: SPPC 716

The second in my series of getting to know existing contributions. Separate Pricing Per Customer This contribution gives the shopowner the ability to set up “groups” of customers, who have a better price than a normal customer. A typical exampe would be “retail customers” and “wholesale customers”. Wholesale customers would probably have a lower… Read More »

Contribution Talk: QPBPP 1242

Whenever I use a pre-existing contribution, I’ll make a short blog post to let you know how the install went, and how easy the contribution is to install. Quantity Price Breaks Per Product (aka QPBPP),1242 The task was to install this on a very highly modified shop. This shops admin category page has at… Read More »

ClubosC Discount System and WPosC

WP.osC (WP-osCommerce) is a modified version of osCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce solutions. The main difference between WP.osC and osCommerce, is that WP.osC uses the same Theme system as WordPress. Seems as though this is (another) fork of osCommerce. Anyway, I have been playing with this system for a couple of hours and… Read More »

Update on ClubosC Discount Coupon System

Had more than a few enquiries asking as to the present status on my Discount/Coupon System, so here goes; It is presently at Version 5.0. Installation is available on any shop, however modified. v5 is suitable for both RC versions of osCommerce and MS versions of osCommerce. It is also suitable for the “osCommerce Project”… Read More »

Attributes, Options, osCommerce

In standard osCommerce, the product options system (aka attributes) is almost completely useless. The reason for this is obvious – attributes cannot be linked together to make a meaningful “sub-product”. Eg: T-shirt – 12 in stock, of which: 3 are blue, large, round neck 4 are red, large, v-neck 2 are blue, small, round-neck 3… Read More »

Coupons for MS2

I spent some time and got my Coupons Version 5 working with older osCommerce – MS2. So now you can have one coupons even if you are running an outdated version of osC. Get in touch if you need this.

Coupons Version 5.0

In my last post about my Coupons system, I signed off by saying this: V5 – in the pipeline Minimum Spend per coupon. A “use once, one time” coupon. Once that is done, I can then look at the flip side of discount coupons, which is “gift vouchers. I’m glad to say that both of… Read More »

Blacklisting a Customer in osCommerce

The other day, one of my cliets approached me as she has been having major problems with one particular person signing up, buying and doing a chargeback. Of course, this is not desirable, so we had a brainstorm to see what could be done about it… Blocking the IP: not really, as people can still… Read More »

Version 4 of Coupon Discount System

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this. – I’ve been slowly but steadily working on this contribution when I can find time in my schedule to do so 😉 Seems as though there are a lot of requests… Read More »

Donate To Charity – Reloaded!

OK, so it was brought to my attention that my system only is available at the same time as purchasing a product. There is a good reason for this => it’s an order_total module so it needs to have an order made to process it – and standard osCommerce does not allow an order to… Read More »