Discount Coupon Version 3

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this.

Discount Coupon Version 3

It’s time to update my Discount Coupon Mod to Version 3. This update has seen a bit of an overhaul to how coupons are applied – instead of having the “input your coupon code” box in the checkout_payment.php age it is now on the shopping_cart.php page as seen in the image below:

What this means is that it should now be compatible with the other modifications out there that do not make use of the full checkout procedure – eg amazon checkout, google checkout and so on. And, it is also more intuitive on the shopping_cart page as it is nice for a potential buyer to see what discount he is getting before he/she even has to log in.

So, my next task is to get this all bundled up ready for installation.

Summary of the Discount Coupon contribution – admin area

1. Shop Owner can insert any number of coupons, which can be “used once” or “used multiple” per customer. It is coded this way so that if you want to run a promotion, you do not have to create loads of coupons, just create one “use once” coupon – which can then be used once by an unlimited number of customers.

2. When coupons are used, shop owner is able to easily view the orders made on a per coupon basis (this is experimental code) but seems to work well.

Summary of the Discount Coupon contribution – catalog

1. Buyer is able to insert coupon code in the shopping_cart.php page.

2. Coupon is carried through the checkout process and shows in all order histories etc.

Future Updates

1. A “use once, one time” coupon.

2. Coupon Start and End Dates

3. Ability to set minimum spend on a coupon.

4. Ajax the coupon input on shopping_cart.php.

How you can get this

Once I am ready to do so, I will upload the modification to the osCommerce Contributions area. In the meantime I am able to install this for you at low cost – please email me if you wish to enquire about this.

Support for Ship Date Contribution

This is the support thread for the soon to be released “Club osCommerce Ship Date” Contribution.

This contribution is quite an easy install, only affecting the following files:



Also, 1 small change in the database. And a few extra files to control the javascript.

Very easy to install, but as with all my contributions, I offer a guaranteed install service.

Zone Shipping by Weight, 1 price, multi zones + default zone

Shipping is sometimes very complicated to get correct.  There’s a number of ways that an osCommerce store can be set up to deal with giving shipping quotes, off the top of my head;  per item, flat rate, zones, table based and lots more dealing with specific mail carriers. Sometimes, even though there are lots of shipping modules, none of them are quite right for the specific need.

One of my clients wanted the ability to set up a number of Zones [OK, let’s use the standard Zones module], then he decided he wanted to set up only a few zones, each containing a handful of countries, and then have the other countries (ones that are not in any zone) default to an “all other” zone automatically.  [OK, let’s use the Zones World contribution].

Then he decided that he wanted to ship by weight.  Where each unit of weight would simply be charged at $x.  And that the calculation should be open ended – so if they ordered 1000 units, the shipping charge would be 1000 * $x [OK, that’s going to be problematic].

The Zones World contribution is close, but this uses a table of weight to price ratios – this table is limited to 255 characters (which could be easily changed).  Rather than use this, I gave the idea that we should look at coding up a new solution specifically for his needs.

The solution

What we ended up with was a hybrid of “flat rate”, “zones” and “zones world”.  Basically the shop owner selects a number of zones and adds countries to each zone as usual.  He also inserts 1 price “$x” per zone, and can input a handling fee to be added.  The price is then multiplied by the weight of the order, and the handling fee is added.

An example

GB shipping costs 0.20 per kg, with a 4.95 handling fee.  US shipping costs 0.50 per kg, with a 10.95 handling fee.  These are inserted in the module set-up.

The weight of the order totals 37kgs including tare. So, we can calculate shipping fees as so;

GB: ( 0.20 * 37) + 4.95 == $12.35
US: (0.50* 37) + 10.95 == $29.45

However, the beauty of this module is that it is so easy to set up (no messing with weight/price ratios) that any order can be dealt with properly.  If the order was some thing outrageously high, like 2,300 products weighing 4132 kgs, US shipping would be (0.50 * 4132) + 10.95 == $2076.95.  I believe that this could not be done adequately with any other shipping method!

The upshot

The new shipping module is being tested thoroughly over the next month or so, and if it works as it’s intended, I’ll try to package it up and get it available.

Discount Cooupon Update Video

Here is that video I promised to upload today. It’s a bit small, but I guess you’ll get the general idea, it’s only about 40 seconds long with no sound (in case you are at work).

Basically, I added 2 new columns:

Uses: this shows the number of times that the coupon has been used.
Last Use: this shows the date of the last use, and this date is linked to the order it was used on.

I also added a link (in the right hand info area) which changes the left hand side of the page to show all the uses of each coupon – click this and the uses becomes viewable – all of these uses are also linked to each individual order made.

Please let me know what you think about this update. Thanks.

osCommerce Discount Coupons Contribution Update

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this.

Over the past few months of usage of my Discount Coupon Contribution, a number of ideas have been presented to me for updates, and the one idea that keeps being brought up time and time again is a way to see which coupons relate to each order.

I’ve had a bit of time to think about this and as I see it, this is a fairly simple modification but one that will take a little bit of time to code up and test – I suspect somewhere around about 1 to 2 hours would suffice. My idea is to use the existing coupon page to create a new area which will detail each usage of each coupon, and link you through to each order made. I think that would work very well.

Doing things for free feels great, but like all of you who run stores, you are running them to make money. I also have to make money, and I do that by coding stuff. We are all in business aren’t we 😉

What I am looking for is anyone who would be able to sponsor this update. If that’s you, please do email me – my email address is at the top of this page. Thank You.

Donate The Change to Charity – osCommerce

A new contribution which allows your buyer to “round up” his order to the next nearest whole dollar/euro/pound etc. So instead of paying say $96.32, they can “round up” to $97.00 – and you, the shop owner would then do whatever you want (donate to charity I’d assume!) with the extra 0.68.

Only tested on one live shop and on my localhost test shop – but works well. Future updates will include a way to totalise the “round ups” somewhere in the Admin section.

This contribution was sponsored by Furry Family Supplies – thank you very much Lindsay!

At this moment, rounded up figures can be seen on each individual order, as it has been coded as an order_total module.

Installation is easy, download the zip from here to your desktop, unzip it and you will find some txt files and some php files. Upload the php files to the correct places! Any txt files have code which needs to be added to the existing php files of the same name. Once installed, turn it on in your Admin section (order total modules) remembering to give it a unique sorting id.

Sponsor needed – Shipping Date in osCommerce

All – I recently made a shipping date modification for a client, you can see it in action on this video (You Tube).

It basically adds a shipping date for the customer to choose when their order should be delivered. The store owner can set any date range (eg, start 2 days from order date, 1 day from order date, until 2 weeks into the future, a month in the future, turn off weekends etc). The date gets recorded as part of the order and can be seen in Admin and in the customers account when he/she logs in. It works pretty well!

Someone contacted me about it as they needed such a modification – I contacted my customer to ask if I could re-use the code I made for them and my customer said “yes”. Since then I have not heard from the person who contacted me wanting it, which is a bit annoying to say the least.

So, if anyone needs such a modification, I can spend some time to go through my customers files to make a usable contribution – however, to do this, I need a sponsor who is willing to pay me for my time. Once I’ve sanitised the files, I’ll upload it to the contributions area of osCommerce, and your name/url will be listed as the sponsor of the work.

If you are willing to sponsor an hour of my time, throw me an email, my email address is up there ^

Orange and Grey button set

Spent some time cleaning out some old files from my computer and came across loads of old osCommerce bits and pieces of codes, projects, graphics and what-not.

Here’s a button set that I vaguely recall making:

Any good to anyone?

Download the full zip file of these Grey/Orange buttons here.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a PSD for the set, so you’ll have to make do with what there is in the .zip


Next update to discount vouchers

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this.

At the moment I am working on a “date” function for the Discount Vouchers contribution. Basically when a coupon is set up, the store owner will be able to choose a start and end date for the coupon usage – so that if a Store has a promotion during (say) June, the coupon can be set up to only be available for use during June.

The Admin side is completely done. The shop side, I just need to do some basic trapping to determine if todays date is within the start/end date set up on the voucher.


Shows a coupon being set up – note the funky date calendar picker for the Start Date and End Date. Then shows what happens if todays date is outside the “start and end” dates. Then I set up another coupon called “test2” to show it working as it should do (if todays date is within the “start and end” dates).

Shipping to US States, tiered + handling

A user on the osCommerce Forum required a way to charge $x for 1 item, $y for any other items and $z as a handling charge for Hawaii and Alaska. With a bit of lateral thinking, I came up with;

Club osCommerce USA Tiered Shipping

This contribution allows the Store owner to set a cost for: 1st item + more items + handling fee for selected states…

A real world example

  • You want to charge $10 for the first item, and 50 cents for each extra item ordered.
  • You want to add a $24.95 shipping charge for Hawaii and Alaska
  • 12 items sold in the order

This contribution will give a quote of:

To Hawaii: $40.45 (this being: 1*$10 + 11*$0.50 + $24.95)
To Alaska: $40.45 (as above)
To all other US states: $15.50 (this being: 1*$10 + 11*$0.50)

As the contribution is only for US states, you would probably do well to set up a USA shipping zone, and only have the shipping method show inside the zone. Do this in your Admin section @ localization.

Useful to you?

If you find this useful please consider supporting ongoing development of this and many other contributions – “buy me a beer”. Cheers!

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