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Shipping to US States, tiered + handling

A user on the osCommerce Forum required a way to charge $x for 1 item, $y for any other items and $z as a handling charge for Hawaii and Alaska. With a bit of lateral thinking, I came up with; Club osCommerce USA Tiered Shipping This contribution allows the Store owner to set a cost… Read More »

Shipping Quote based on Per Cent of Total Order

In the past few days I noticed a couple of people wanting to charge postage based on a percentage of the total order amount. I’ve not come across any pre-existing code that enables this in a correct way – I do know of a `hack` to the “products weight” field, but the problem with that… Read More »

Vouchers, Tax and Open Source

My discount contribution is a great success – it’s been downloaded thousands of times and I’ve installed it on at least 20 live shops.  But it has/had a glaring ommission – TAX – and for a good reason… However, people like to say things such as; I was just wondering why the tax calculation has… Read More »

Featured Products in osCommerce

One of the very finest things you can do to make your customers experience better is to point them at your special offers and featured products. In standard osCommerce, the “New Products” box on the first page is pretty useless – it’s just a list of the latest 9 products added. My idea is to… Read More »

Discount Vouchers for MS2 + Installation Service

All, I just found enough time to test out an install of the DC GV Contribution for RC1 and RC2, but onto MS2-060817.  It installed very well, and so I can now say that if you FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS closely, you should be able to get your MS2 up and running with DC GV within less… Read More »

Version 1.1 of Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers for RC osCommerce

Just a quick post to let readers know that I have released version 1.1 of my Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers contribution for RC releases of osCommerce. This version fixes 1 bug in checkout_confirmation.php and includes a whole file that I forgot to include in the first version – checkout_process.php For discussion/support, please see… Read More »

Gift Vouchers RC1 and RC2

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this. – Offering Gift Vouchers/Discounts is an excellent way to make sales, particularly on products where margins are high. A good example of this is “digital products” where (more than likely) margin… Read More »