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Better Social Icons

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the Social Share box on a standard osCommerce, it looks like this: 2.3.4 2.3.4 Responsive With the ability in Admin to turn on and off share links, which I’ll call “widgets”. So far so good. What you probably don’t realise is that these “widgets” also load a lot… Read More »

Why osCommerce was the king and is now the pauper

For the past decade and more, the users of osCommerce have wanted more say in what happens next, where it goes, how it is. That say was never granted, not once, ever. I fought to get the community a say, and I succeeded. I started a new vision of what osCommerce could be and asked… Read More »

Required Product that MUST be purchased

Imagine you own a shop where you need to enforce the purchase of a particular product if certain other products have been purchased. For example; you want to enforce gift wrapping at Xmas time you sell items that need to be dispatched in dry ice you sell mobile phones and want to also enforce a… Read More »

Summer Bonanza Special Offer

I’ve put together a nice special offer for the first two weeks in August… Beer me $7 I will send you my Google Maps Interface. This interface has an admin area for adding locations as well as the interactive Google map on your contact_us page. Offer ended.     Beer me $17 I will send you my… Read More »

Advanced Product Sort Ordering in osCommerce

Had a new client approach me who had tried a number of ways to sort products in each category. She got one way to work, but that approach was to insert a number for sort ordering in the product adding/editing page… My task therefore was to come up with something that; 1. works! 2. is… Read More »

Need your Feedback on this idea please

I’m considering starting up a monthly subscription where subscribers get everything I make during the month for free – that’s all templates, all code, etc etc. So if I make something cool for a client, subscribers also get a copy of it. Cost would be £10 per month on a recurring Paypal subscription. For as… Read More »

Kripke Template for

Here’s the latest in my line of templates for which I’ve called “Kripke”… Header Area I’ve included the breadcrumb in the header area and also a “logged in” message which has been something under discussion in the official osCommerce forum; Main Content Area I have recoded the “new products” and categories “products listing” module… Read More »

Compare Products Side By Side

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently looking at other shopping cart software, particularly Magento and Opencart and Prestashop to see how they’ve gone beyond “here’s a product, here’s a buy button”. In Magento and Opencart I particularly like their “compare this product to this product” feature, where the person browsing the shop can… Read More »

Mailing List and wrap up 2013

In 2014 I’ve resolved to write at least a few posts per month on the blog. Now that I’m on the osCommerce Team I can share lots of interesting tidbits. Member of the Year If you are on the osCommerce forum, please cast your vote for Member of the Year 2013 at Brand New Template… Read More »

How to send a Product Notification in osCommerce

osCommerce has a few “well hidden” features that not many people are aware of. One of these is the ability for the logged in customers in your shop to sign up for product notifications (eg, when a product is back in stock, or if you add another size or colour range or whatever). The subscribe… Read More »