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Have I ever helped you ?

If I have ever helped you out with any form of osCommerce service; Coding Makeover service Or if you bought a Template Or if you bought an eBook I’d really appreciate it if you would take a minute to post your thoughts about my service/products on the oscommerce forum, here. Thanks all.

Shop To It and osCommerce

One of my North American clients required the ability to add their products to Shop To It. What is Shop To It ? Shop To It is pretty much a shopping comparison service used almost exclusively by Canadians. Vendors can upload their products, prices etc and buyers can hunt down the items they need, click… Read More »

Twitter Cards for osCommerce

Twitter Cards are a new(ish) service from Twitter. In a nutshell, they give far more info than the standard 140 characters, including image, product name and other information. This is going to be BIG for promoting your products on Twitter. How does it work ? You add extra code (* see below) to your product… Read More »

Better Together Admin from Scott

My friend Scott over at That Software Guy is the go-to guy for discounting modules, and he has put together an Admin package for his “Better Together” system. Better Together offers the following discount possibilities: Two for one on product X Two for one across category X Buy product X, get product Y at a… Read More »

Offline shop, online shop + point of sale

I’ve been thinking lately about EPOS system for stocktaking for this scenario; – offline retail shop in the high street – online shop The need is there to ensure that we don’t oversell in the online shop. To this end, what is needed is some type of EPOS (point of sale) system that simply allows… Read More »

Introducing a dedicated osCommerce Email Support Service

After much deliberation and asking many questions of my clients and potential clients, it’s come as no surprise to me that there are a number of business owners who want a more dedicated service than the osCommerce forum can provide. This is where my new Email Support Plan comes into it’s own. The Plan is… Read More »

Making the Search Function more useful

Some time back I attempted to make the osCommerce native search function a little more useful by coming up with code to allow the search result to offer alternatives if the product being searched for cannot be found. My idea was in case of mis-spellings. I gave up as I could not get much of… Read More »

The Buying Funnel

A bit of a conversation yesterday in the comments of my last post, which hopefully sparked something off in readers of the blog… As shopowners, we surely exist to sell products. Nothing more and nothing less. If that is the case, then I pose a question to you all; What are you doing to ensure… Read More »

Project for Today 11 June 2012

Todays project is a “to do” list of small changes on a clients site. These range from simple 2 minute things such as changing some language defines to larger modifications like adding (my version of) SEO Meta Tags / Description. In all, it’s about a days work and will be good to revisit a shop… Read More »

CSV Manifest Import to update Orders

Completed this past week a CSV (Comma Separated Values file) import facility which scans through a CSV line by line and updates the order_status_history to add the postage tracking number and sends an email to the buyer to let them know their order has been shipped. The CSV is produced by the dropshipper, so I… Read More »