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Home Delivery Shipping Module 2.3.1

One of my good clients contacted me to see about having coded a shipping module that; – available for DK clients only 1 – available only to certain postcodes within Denmark (those near the customers real shop, to be delivered by car) 2 – ability to add further away postcodes at a higher price 3… Read More »

Customers Who Bought This…

I was approached by a new client who uses osCommerce both as a shop and as a sort of “community”. What this client wanted was a way to show who had bought each product… Step 1, was to add the ability for clients to add an “avatar” as part of the create_account process. Step 2,… Read More »

Shipping Prices per product (for two regions) UPDATE

The project I started on for a client (read a bit here), worked well. The client came back to me with some extra requirements, namely; 1. Give each product an “extra cost” per region. To be used when people order more than 1 item, thus a widget costing $5 for postage with an extra fee… Read More »

Interesting Project – File Uploads

Finished up another interesting osCommerce project this week, which involved allowing the shop owner to put a “flag” on a product. This flag determines whether the product requires interaction from the customer in terms of an upload (think in terms of an image for a printed t-shirt). Step 1 was to add in the flag… Read More »

Stock Taking, jQuery, Reporting

Last week a new client approached me to help out with an admin function within her site. Here’s the basic idea; Each Order received has a tickbox by the product: The tickbox would update an entry in the database to state whether the product is “in stock” (1) or “out of stock” (0). The system… Read More »

My osC site – create_account.php

In my own oscommerce site, that I have been working on for about the last year as time allows, I decided to do away with the need for the clients address. I don’t need the address details as I sell only intangible products such as scripts and templates… So, I have been locally testing a… Read More »

You’ve added XYZ to your cart

For the build I’ve been working on for the last couple of days, a really nice feature is a message that shows when the buyer adds something to their cart. Basically it’s a reinforcement of the action they just took; Let me know what you think. The code is based on the last added product… Read More »

osCommerce Previously Purchased

Contacted today by someone who wanted the ability to show customers what they have already purchased (whilst browsing the site). In other words display a “You have already purchased this” warning message at the top of the product info page etc etc. The first thing to know is that we need to have the customer… Read More »

Easiest install ever! FCK Editor

3 steps to installing a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for product descriptions in osCommerce. Step 1. Go to and download the latest Editor Release (CK Editor, which has superseded FCK Editor)… Step 2. Unzip it all, then upload the fckeditor folder and all it’s contents to your admin directory.… Read More »

Sneak Preview at Discount Coupons v6

Just a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite; I’ve restricted the 2 “graphic card” products to be excluded from the discount calculations… So, assuming the customer now buys a couple of products including an “excluded” product, the shopping cart looks like this: Notice the calculation is correct? It’s discounting only the “Beloved DVD” and… Read More »