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Adding un-necessary bells and whistles

Flash intros rock. Add two of them, and make sure you don’t put one of those annoying ‘Skip intro’ links at the bottom. Heck, if you did that nobody would see Uncle Joe’s mediocre flash skills. Then, when you finally let the three customers who are willing to sit through your crappy intro into your… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #8 – Product Descriptions

Completely leave out product descriptions All your customers need is a blurry, browser resized, stretched picture of your product. They don’t need to know its features, limitations, or comparisons to other products. Hey, if they knew all that they would probably go buy the other guys widget right? Don’t describe your product at all. Be… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #7 – Terms, Privacy, Conditions

Adding Terms of Use, Privacy, Conditions of Sale statements etc is a MUST Some might say that customers like to know who they are dealing with, but those people are full of it. Customers don’t care about your return policies, what to do if they receive a broken product, or what to do if the… Read More »

Top 100 osCommerce Sites Update

2 more sites added by readers today; Gardins Animes Comptoir Discount These two are different to normal osCommerce, so of course, they get added – take a look then vote them at the Top 100 list! I don’t know why but someone also added a few osCommerce sites that are pretty much out of the… Read More »

The Checkout Success Page

The very last page in the checkout procedure is “checkout_success.php” – this is a completely useless page which needs attention. My idea would be to remove the page entirely, and simply redirect the buyer to “account_history_info.php” to show him/her the summary of the order that they just made.  Obviously, you, the shop owner would need… Read More »

Get a FREE Book from osC Books

Here’s another special deal that I’ve been able to come up with. If you order any book at osC Books, you’ll get another one to equivalent value for FREE. So, if you were to order “Designing for osCommerce”, you could choose “SEO for osCommerce” or “Faster osCommerce” for free! All you have to do to… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #6 – SSL

All that junk about customers “Caring about their privacy” and being “Worried about identity theft” is unfounded. Just ask my friend “John” from Indonesia. Hey, by the way, he has $30,000,000.00 he wants to send you- he just needs your credit card number along with your name and billing address. Never mind that SSL certificates… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #5 – Your Market

Ignore the market you are going to sell in at YOUR PERIL… Sure, there are 50,000 computer stores online, but yours is going to be better! Market research is for people who don’t know what they want to sell, right? You didn’t research for your term paper in high school and you passed, so why… Read More »

Hot 100 New Additions…

I found another 5 sites today that I feel are deserving of an entry into the osCommerce Hot 100 – taking the total number of exceptional osCommerce sites upto 50. Surely there are 50 more to complete the Top 100 ?? The 5 added today are, in no particular order: Premier Gift Ideas The Mozilla… Read More »

Horrible or Awesome #4 – The Checkout Process

Who needs a quick checkout? People love clicking through 8 pages of forms they have to fill in before buying stuff. Better yet, add in a couple more pages and hoodwink the customer just when they think they are finally through! Sure, you need the customer’s age, gender, and the name of their first born… Read More »