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Choose your own selection project

A guest post from Matt over at – purveyor of chocolate and other goodies. Selecting a bunch of products to create 1 overall product When you need your customers to be able to choose from a variety of products to create one final product to add to their cart, you will find that the… Read More »

Must Agree to Terms and Conditions

There are a couple of Terms and Conditions addons floating about, but I decided that none of them were quite suitable for the needs of my latest client. What the client wanted is three-fold; 1. Have a link in the checkout_confirmation page, which, when clicked pops up the Terms and Conditions for the buyer to… Read More »

Template Monster template – project complete

Had a potential client contact me who had purchased a Template Monster osCommerce template. “oh no”, thought I. The client had some good ideas to try to make the template less like a template and more to their own design. The majority of changes took place in the header and footer files (including the template_*… Read More »

2.3.1 Template – watch as I build…

I thought it might be interesting for you to “watch” a template build as I do it. So what I will do is screenshot every so often so you can see how it is coming on. This is a mockup that I am going to attempt to come close to; After I am finished, I… Read More »

You’ve added XYZ to your cart

For the build I’ve been working on for the last couple of days, a really nice feature is a message that shows when the buyer adds something to their cart. Basically it’s a reinforcement of the action they just took; Let me know what you think. The code is based on the last added product… Read More »

Quick Add To Cart using Product Model

Over the next couple of days, I’ve been tasked to recreate the look/theme of a Magento site, to osCommerce. In addition, I also will port as many of the features as I can (given the complexity of code and time frame). One of the features on the Magento site is a “quick add to cart”… Read More »

Clean and Healthy 2.3.1 Template

Here is another template, ready for purchase… Overall View Logo, Currencies and Languages in the Header Good looking Cart Contents box in the Header Rounded Infoboxes, Category box includes arrow images Nice display of Products in the Product Listing pages Sexy “Payment Images” in the Footer area “More Info” buttons in the Whats New and… Read More »