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Clean and Healthy 2.3.1 Template

Here is another template, ready for purchase… Overall View Logo, Currencies and Languages in the Header Good looking Cart Contents box in the Header Rounded Infoboxes, Category box includes arrow images Nice display of Products in the Product Listing pages Sexy “Payment Images” in the Footer area “More Info” buttons in the Whats New and… Read More »

Who Just Ordered – osCommerce

I was browsing a site this morning and found a really nice little feature showing “who just ordered”; You can see it in action on the “Taunton Leisure” website – towards the bottom of the right hand column – I’m not quite sure which ecommerce application this shop is using, I can say for sure… Read More »

Lingerie Template for osCommerce 2.3.1

Made a nice template for Lingerie shops, here’s the overall view; And some of the more interesting features… If the cart is empty, the shopping bag is “black”; And if it’s not empty, it turns “green”; And if the shopper places his mouse over the green bag, they see a summary of the cart as… Read More »

Another osCommerce Template for 2.3.1

I spent some time over the past couple of days making up a new theme for 2.3.1. I tried to chop up the structure a lot to make it look less osCommercey than a standard osCommerce site. Here’s the overall view; And some features in close-up… New Product boxes These boxes contain more information than… Read More »

My Account, mashed, diced and sliced in osCommerce

I have a site on which I regularly work – it’s a pet shop – the shop owner has really excellent ideas on what is needed within the shop to promote a good customer experience and increase sales. I enjoy working on this shop a lot, as the ideas are good and workable, and the… Read More »

First ever osCommerce 2.3 template is available

Pleased to say that the very first commercially available 2.3 and 2.3.1 osCommerce template/theme is exclusively available here at Club osCommerce. ‘True Blue’ osCommerce Template Cool welcome message and shopping cart summary; Fade In and Out Banner Rotator, drop in images to link to products; Currency, Language, Bestsellers in the Footer; Social Bookmarks takes the… Read More »

osCommerce and 960 grid system

So the new osCommerce 2.3 and 2.3.1 have Nathan Smiths 960 grid system as part of the core code. I’ve looked about the web and come to the conclusion that some users will really like it – it allows a person to layout the page in rows and columns very easily. You want 3 boxes… Read More »

Another Horizontal Menu in osCommerce

I’ve been looking for some more options to create nice looking menu’s in osCommerce using semantically correct “ul” and “li” (with some nested lists) layout. I recently found a very nice one called Menumatic from Green Gecko Design – it took me a fair while to get working in osCommerce, but the end result is… Read More »

Should osCommerce use a Templating System

Interesting conversation ongoing at the osCommerce forum. Some people for, some against. On the one hand the beauty of a monster mess of code that is osCommerce means that it is possible to do anything you want with it if your skill level is suitable. On the other hand separation of logic from presentation is… Read More »

More Image Swapping in osCommerce – mouseover

Interesting site build the other day for a client, who wanted a cleanly coded way to upload multiple images per product, then have them change on mouseover of a thumbnail. To enable this, I had to change the admin/categories.php file to alow an extra 7 images in addition to the existing one. That was painless… Read More »