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Image Swapping based on attributes in osCommerce

I was tasked by a customer to create some sort of image swapping device for a tshirt store. With some thought my idea was to use a piece of javascript based on the attribute selection which updates the image. Then my customer decided he only wanted to upload 1 image rather than multiple images. In… Read More »

More osCommerce Breadcrumb funkiness

I really wanted to try out a menu system that I found online, in osCommerce. The menu system is the one at Izzy Menu…and integrating it into osCommerce was fairly simple. The code from the Izzy site is quite straightforward, so I simply used it on the breadcrumb osCommerce function. You can see the results… Read More »

Really interesting osCommerce project

I just completed a really interesting osCommerce project. I gave a shop a makeover based on the clients PSD file – easy enough. Then I had to change the way that the products display. 1. remove the product_info.php page entirely 2. create a new products module to display product_info in the index page or the… Read More »

Designing osCommerce, out of the box

Whenever I design an osCommerce site, I try to add in something that makes it look different to other osCommerce sites. 99% of osC sites have the standard header column, content, column footer layout. The next site you build, try doing something completely different. Here’s an idea; 1. remove both the left and right columns.… Read More »

New Template Available for RC osCommerce

I spent some time creating a template for RC versions of osCommerce. I’m going to sell this at the same sort of price that Template Monster sell their templates for…but read on to learn how to get this template “at no cost”… Overall Idea of the template look The header area includes; search box language… Read More »

osCommerce Makeover Service – price increase

My Makeover Service is proving to be a big hit so I am putting the price up from $200 to $250 with effect from today, 1st July. However, for anyone who orders this service until friday, I will charge the $200 price. You can read more about my makeover service. I’m doing 10 or 12… Read More »

osCommerce Multiple Images using Fancy Box

The other day I spent some time “doing up” a site. I had a list of to-do’s and was basically given carte-blanche to do whatever was needed to make it work… One of the requests was the ability for some products to have more than 1 image in the pop-up. I know that there are… Read More »

Upgrading to RC2a

As Liuk rightly pointed out, upgrading from an older version of osCommerce to the latest version is not straightforward. There is at least 5 steps that need to be done: multiple version upgrades, database upgrades. database transfers etc. The existing shop that I am upgrading is based on the osCommerce 2.2-MS2 architecture (which is now… Read More »