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Admin Star Rating System

So, got an email from a potential client who wants to be able to make star ratings on a per product basis from within the admin; I will like only myself (the admin or owner of the website) to grade the items that I’m selling with stars or with numbers. Let’s say that i have… Read More »

Warehouse Pick n Pack

Had email from a previous client yesterday who wanted the ability to list the items ordered for the previous day, but grouped by items. The reason for this is to get the warehouse staff to easier collect the items to be posted. So, instead of a list like this: 1 x dvd-tsab 2 x msimexp… Read More »

List of Product Ordered for seasonal promotions

At the osCommerce forum, Heather asked; What Im basically looking for is a list of customers against what products they ordered, some of my products are seasonal, and I want to be able to email the customers that bought them last year to remind them that they are in stock again. Ideally: Product + Customer… Read More »

osCommerce Style Sheet? Use Colorzilla Firefox.

Sean asks; I’ve got a bit of trouble with editing the colours in stylesheet.css. I don’t have a problem with hex colours or even putting them into the stylesheet, my problem is I don’t know which bit is which. Is there are a chart or something where I can refer to different bits of the… Read More »

Search Engine Optimised URLs for osCommerce

Dave asks; Which URL rewriting contribution do you recommend? I get asked this question quite often. In my opinion, there is just two decent versions of URL rewriters, depending upon whether you have PHP4.x or PHP5.x If you are running PHP4.x ; Ultimate SEO Urls – click on the “history” tab and find the version… Read More »

Open Source is all about choice

Josh commented; First, thank you for the original 1.12 contribution [of discount coupons]. It is a very simple, and very easy to follow install. I have been reading for hours all over your site, mostly about the contribution, but I tend to go off on tangents when I see other topics of interest (like the… Read More »

Only 1 product at a time in osCommerce

Over at the official osCommerce forum, someone asked about the possibility of only allowing a buyer to select 1 of each product.  My answer was to amend the display of the shopping cart and the shopping cart class… It’s fairly easy.  What I am going to show you is amending the display using HTML and… Read More »

osCommerce Quiz?

An osCommerce Quiz for you to think about; [php] switch (tep_get_zone_code($order->delivery[‘country’][‘id’], $order->delivery[‘zone_id’], ”)) { case ‘HI’: case ‘AK’: $extra_cost = ($cart->show_total() * (13/100)); break; default: $extra_cost = 0; switch ($order->delivery[‘country’][‘iso_code_2’]) { case ‘US’: $extra_cost = 0; break; default: $extra_cost = ($cart->show_total() * (13/100)); } } [/php] And then an extra piece of code like this,… Read More »