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Show Shipping Method elsewhere on invoice.php

In the standard osCommerce invoice page, the shipping method and cost is shown in the order_totals, as below; You can see that this order used “Flat Rate (Best Way)”… On the official osCommerce forum, Tony asked; I wish to add the shipping/postal method selected during checkout as part of the delivery label. Does anybody know… Read More »

How Much To Spend For Free Shipping

On the osCommerce Forum, Jim asks; I notice that oscommerce has the default ability to have all orders over a certain amount to qualify for free shipping. Is there a contribution that would add text to the effect of “You are only [X amount of money] away from qualifying for free shipping.” With the amount… Read More »

FAQ: Free Shipping in osCommerce

Another question that I see asked time after time is; How do set up osCommerce so that any order over £50 has free shipping? The easiest way is to go into your admin area > modules > order_total Now click on the shipping module, and press [edit]. This brings up a screen like this: The… Read More »

Show Stock Availability in osCommerce Product Info

Dana asks; Im trying to show the amount of items that I have available on each product page please help This is an often asked question and is really simple to do. Open up product_info.php and add this code somewhere: [php][/php] This is a standard php function and will output (in numbers) the amount of… Read More »

Split an image into the breadcrumb

“M” asks; Is it possible to replace “Top” with an image, and not effect the rest of the breadcrumbs; I mean not cause the colored background increase in height. Rephrasing…is it possible to overlay and image, that would replace “Top” on the breadcrumb line so that I could surround the image in a matching square… Read More »

Product Weight By Attribute

Theresa asks; We have products on os commerce that are sold in two different weights. As the product attribute only has a field for one weight, how can we add the variation in weights so that shipping costs are calculated properly? Assuming you are using the product attributes to differentiate between your product sizes/dimensions, there… Read More »

Shipping Modules are fun to code

Here is a question from a client; Im setting a a new oscommerce website and cant seem to get the shipping working. I would need to have about 5 zones. Each zone would contain different countries. For each zone there is a basic rate per pound. eg $35 . Each additional pound cost $5 etc… Read More »

Stop People Checking Out? Huh?

Interesting question posed at the osCommerce forum; All my products are 5lbs each. Is there a way to set a minimum order of 10lbs. This would mean they have to purchase a minimum of two items (2 of the same product or 2 different products). Is there a way in the USPS shipping module or… Read More »