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Help! Attributes, Templates, Stylesheet

Maureen asks; I have a sign and apparel shop, we sell tshirts and would like to do some interactive designs online. I can’t seem to find a good contribution to make this change within osc. OK, I’m guessing that you are trying to use the “products attributes” and you want to change the image of… Read More »

How Much Should I Pay?

Randy asks Hi, I want to have a nice looking website, I don’t know how much I should pay for a nice design. I have 3 quotes for a design ranging from $99 ! to over $1000 – for much the same thing. Any advice would be great. Randy, what you are asking is “how… Read More »

oscmax zencart creloaded – bewildered!

Henry asks; I am about to set up an OSC site but which one to use Oscmax, CREloaded, Zencart CRE seem to have the best support but I like the Xshop software that goes with OSCmax. None of the above! Why not go with a standard install of osCommerce and then add the functionality you… Read More »

Is osCommerce right for me?

Nicole asks; 1. Should I steer clear of the RC version until it is released? If so which version should I go for? The RC2a version of osCommerce is no more than osCommerce MS2 with a few bugs fixed and some security updates. I would go with RC2a as I believe it’s stable enough for… Read More »

Developing osCommerce on your own computer

Caroline asks “the other day I bought an ebook showing how to design a shop, but I don’t have any spare space in which to set up a test shop. Can you help?” Caroline – yes I can help! Most “professional” coders don’t use a normal website/host to develop websites – instead they use their… Read More »

You want a FREE osCommerce Template for RC2 ?

Ade asks; Do you know of free templates for the latest rc2 of oscommerce? Put simply, I don’t – for starters there are not that many outfits who are yet supporting RC2 and those that are charge a fair amount. However, I’ve struck a deal to offer you this template: For NOTHING!!! This is an… Read More »

Currency as Flags, not Dropdown Menu

Darryl has sent in a very interesting situation and it’s one that I completely agree with; Hi, I’d like to get rid of the currencies menu and instead have flags which relate to the currency, so Dollars would get a USA flag, Euros would get the euro flag and so on. Is this easy to… Read More »

Forgotten Your Admin Password? Shock, Horror!

Early releases of osCommerce didn’t have any protection for the Admin area – it was up to the Shop Owner to protect the Admin folder using .htaccess…easy enough in most hosts Control Panels. And easy enough to reset if you forgot the Password… Jon sent in an interesting dilemma; When I set up oscommerce the… Read More »

Paypal payment but no order

Dani asks; I use oscmmerce to sell downloadable stuff like ebooks and software, i’m finding that i get lots of paypal payments without an order so I have to contact the person to find out what they ordered. Maybe half of all my paypal payments don’t have orders and i dont know how to fix… Read More »