Update price based on attributes

Lilotanni asks;

When there are attributes assigned to a product and the attribute has money value to them. I wanted the base price to update automatically before the customer add it to cart.

As in if the base price is $200.00 and the attribute is -$10.00, when the customer chooses -$10.00, the displayed price would changed to $190.00 and so on if there are more attributes. I’ve been trying to do that and have gotten no where. Could you help me out?

Well, you need to use javascript.  I’d have had a go at using jQuery to update the price based on attributes, but even easier – there is already an existing contribution!

Check out http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1385 – I used the Attrib.Price Update 1.4 version and dropped in the product_info.php page directly.

It worked first time 🙂  Good luck with your osCommerce Store.