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Testimonials Box.

Another one to allow you chaps to support the Project. Received overnight; would love a box like the review box to show random testimonials And so, here it is. A new sidebox module that shows a random testimonial from your site…which installs just like any other box; upload, go into admin, turn it on. NO… Read More »

Dropdown Search. Help support the Project.

New Navbar Module which introduces a dropdown search. This is good for EDGE which has the Core Modular Navbar. Simply upload the new files and go into admin and turn it on. Done. Looks like this in the Navbar: And when the search icon is clicked: And in the Admin Area; So, as you can… Read More »

Product Info Modules

In the latest osCommerce incarnation, it is very simple to create standalone modules which are installable and editable from within the Admin section, this means no core code changes to install addons that add “flavour” to a page. Let’s take a closer look at some modules that are available for the product_info (p_i) page –… Read More »