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Make the forms nicer in osCommerce

osCommerce and most other ecommerce scripts make a lot of use of forms. They can be found all over the place including most of the checkout procedure, product_info, login, create_account and so on. And forms are damnable ugly. So, my idea was to hunt out some code that would replace the standard ugly form elements… Read More »

Sexy Best Sellers in osCommerce

I’ve been wanting to “jazz up” the boring osCommerce interface for a while. So I took some time out today to make the “Best Sellers” a little sexier…going from this: To this: Much better, isn’t it? No, I hear you say…what’s the point in just showing 1 image? OK, so how about if I showed… Read More »

Product Lists in osCommerce

Some time ago on one of my other blogs, I spoke about my frustration with how osCommerce lists products. It’s a mish-mash of 4 or 5 different ways. To see what I am talking about have a look at this (New Products for Month), then this (New Products Page), then this (Products of a certain… Read More »

Hot 100 Update – we have 100!

I haven’t made a Hot 100 blog post for a while, so now is the time, particularly as we surpassed 100 extraordinary osCommerce sites! The other day I added a few more sites which brought the total to 101 – now I have to work out a way to only show the Top 100… My… Read More »

osCommerce Template updated to RC

A quick post to let you know that I have now updated this well known theme to RC2.  This theme makes osCommerce look, act and feel totally different than normal. The basis of this theme is making everything easy to find. The categories infoBox is “open”, it has category tabs along the top and category… Read More »

Top 100 Update

Haven’t had an update for a good few weeks, so let’s do that – the Top 100 osCommerce sites; The Top 5 as at 9am on 3rd may 2008 are; TexereSilk Prodotti Tipici e vini piemontesi Click A Deal Breast Pumps Store Arabella Miller These are the 5 Hottest Stores right now, according to the… Read More »

Change Header Background Colour Per Category

Interesting questions posed at the osCommerce Forum; i want to make the header color change when the visitor selects a main category. each main category should have it’s own color. My reply; Use a switch on $current_category_id with a stylesheet named the same number. In depth; We know that $current_category_id gives the ID of the… Read More »

Information Pop Up – Cool Feature

I’ve been trying to make the front page of osCommerce a little less intimidating – it’s my opinion that a typical osCommerce store is too “busy”. What I wanted to do was find a way to have less information in the page, in other words make the page more bare. A good way to do… Read More »

Got STS, Got the Tutorial – Now you need a Template

As readers will know, I spent some time the other day updating the STS eBook for 2008 – my own knowledge has come on leaps and bounds since I first wrote that STS Tutorial, and STS itself has had at least 2 or 3 major updates as well. Now that the eBook is up to… Read More »

Top 100 osCommerce List Update

Another couple of sites added in the past few days; VisionsXpressed This one is a real work of art. Check out (no pun intended) the “1 page” checkout… Baileys Men Wear Which brings the total list of shops up to 71.  Only 29 more to go and then the lowest voted ones start to fal… Read More »