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Surprise, surprise! Wishlist and osCommerce

I really love getting stuff through the post that I have not ordered, I bet you do too! So, here is what I propose to all my readers and anyone else who uses osCommerce; You purchase something from my Amazon Wishlist, and I will give you TRIPLE credit against any of my osCommerce eBooks (from… Read More »

Apply a Discount Coupon Automatically

I found a really interesting question at the osCommerce forum; Does anyone know how i would have a certain discount coupon redeem automatically (for example when the customer logs in)? So that the user does not have to manually enter it anymore at checkout and sees his discount from the moment he logs in. This… Read More »

Make Sure You Answers Enquiries

The other day I posted about a site where I was going to buy a product, but they only offered Google Checkout payment method. I emailed them to ask if they take other forms of payment – specifically Paypal. As of yet, 4 days later, I have received no reply. Which ain’t good. Do you… Read More »

Allow Buyers to Pay You

It seems obvious that when you run an online shop you need to make sure that people who want to buy from you can actually pay you. Have you thought about it? Yesterday, I came across a site and was ready to buy the product – after getting halfway thru the checkout process I see… Read More »

Asking for One on One help

The reason I use Open Source is because most of it is Free…. Sorry but it sounds like your selling this , since it’s definitely not a 1 minite Install !! This quote is part of a message I received today. The person had tried to install an Admin Template that I uploaded to the… Read More »

osCommerce Diary for w/c 20 October

Monday AM; install coupons for Client A Monday PM; start makeover for Client B Tuesday AM; finish makeover for Client B Tuesday PM; Free Wednesday AM; finish makeover for one of my own sites Wednesday PM; Free Thursday AM; Coupon & featured products install for Client C Thursday PM; Free Friday AM; Free Friday PM;… Read More »

Credit Crunched? Special Offer for readers of clubosc

I’ve made a special “Credit Crunch” offer over at… BUY ONE, GET ONE (to equivalent value) FREE! Times are hard, so if I can do something to help with people getting started correctly with osCommerce then it can only be good. My suggestion would be to go for the STS and Designing ebooks (both… Read More »

What is a sponsor?

You may have noticed that I ask for Sponsors and Advertisers. I’ve had a few queries as to what this entails, so here’s the lowdown; Sponsors A sponsor is someone who sees me talking about code on this blog and thinks “I could use that!”. I generally come up with ideas for code and sometimes… Read More »

Donate To Charity – proof of concept – osCommerce

As per my mini blog post last night, here is a working version of a different version of my “Donate To Charity” codebase. This version is completely different to the “Charity Round Up” module which was sponsored by Lindsay – as this version allows the buyer to insert an amount to donate whilst on the… Read More »

No cash? So barter!

I would imagine that 90% of people who run stores using osCommerce are doing it as a one-man trade or a part-time adventure. This means that there is a lot of scope for getting stuff for “free”… At the moment I am updating one of my osCommerce shops to a new design. I needed a… Read More »