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Turn ordering off when on holiday?

Had a few requests for “turn ordering off when I’m on holiday” and yesterday managed to find the time to put it together. Needs 1. Ability in admin to turn off the checkout system, or leave it open 2. Ability in admin to set up a “we will be back on {date} message” and other… Read More »

Comments are now powered by Disqus

As I have been getting so mcuh spam lately, I have updated the comment system to Disqus. I’ve queue’d the existing comments for addition to Disqus which is why they are not presently showing. It takes upto 24 hours for the comments to be inserted in Disqus.

osCommerce 2.3.2 to be released shortly

Hearing on the grapevine that osCommerce 2.3.2 is to released shortly. Changes from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 (not scientifically exact, based on my looking at the files) 1. shopping_cart.php – Remove hardcoded language words 2. product_info.php – redirect to index page if no products_id is available 3. product_info.php – solve incorrect number of reviews bug 4.… Read More »

A new look

I decided to open up the blog to carts other than osCommerce. I work quite a bit with other osCommerce forks such as Zen Cart and particularly osC Max – so why not be a bit more responsive to users of those. The main emphasis will still be osCommerce. As I am opening up the… Read More »

Also Purchased Module AFTER clicking the buy button

I have always been of the opinion that the usual way in which osCommerce shows the “also purchased” is a bit flawed. Usually it is simply shown on the product_info page, at all times – and is a list of other products that buyers have bought at the same time…example. With some thinking, I moved… Read More »

osCommerce Forum opens up to Commercial Interest

It’s been a long time coming but at last the osCommerce Forum has become more open to commercialism in terms of people asking how/where to find developers and for coding projects. This will hopefully be a very good alternative to the usual places that people find coders such as the “lancer” sites and so on.… Read More »

Autocomplete the Search Box

Was reading the jqueryui site the other day and came across an interesting tidbit; autocomplete feature is built in. That got me to thinking, why not autocomplete the search box with the products name; That’s the finished article, and as you can see selects the products name (in the correct language) based on the input… Read More »

Import Customers

I have been working on a script which imports customers into osCommerce, based on a spreadsheet of customer details. It’s a little difficult as the customer data is patchy and I’ve had to write some custom functions to get the ID of the customers country and so on. The reason for writing this is to… Read More »