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osCommerce Forum opens up to Commercial Interest

It’s been a long time coming but at last the osCommerce Forum has become more open to commercialism in terms of people asking how/where to find developers and for coding projects. This will hopefully be a very good alternative to the usual places that people find coders such as the “lancer” sites and so on.… Read More »

Autocomplete the Search Box

Was reading the jqueryui site the other day and came across an interesting tidbit; autocomplete feature is built in. That got me to thinking, why not autocomplete the search box with the products name; That’s the finished article, and as you can see selects the products name (in the correct language) based on the input… Read More »

Import Customers

I have been working on a script which imports customers into osCommerce, based on a spreadsheet of customer details. It’s a little difficult as the customer data is patchy and I’ve had to write some custom functions to get the ID of the customers country and so on. The reason for writing this is to… Read More »

Hazmat Module updated for oscmax 2.5

A long time ago I wrote a Hazmat module which allows the shop-owner to add a charge for shipping hazardous material. You can read more on this blog post from over a year ago. At the same time, I recoded it to suit osCmax as a few of my clients use oscMax. At that time… Read More »

NoIndex Header Tag Module

Sometimes you might want to have Google and other (are there any other?) search engines not show certain products in your site. This is where noindex is worth some value. Have a read of this Google Support page. With that in mind, we know that any page with noindex will eventually be removed from the… Read More »

Date and Time Choosing Project

Quoted a new client the other day for an install of the Date/Time chooser for deliveries, but with some added extras, namely; Rule 1. Deliveries can only be selected from Tuesday to Saturday. This took a small function to exclude sundays and mondays from the datepicker display. Rule 2. Delivery slots are available only from… Read More »

Admin Create Customer Account

Someone at the osCommerce forum posted for a way to manually create a customer account in osCommerce 2.3.1. A similar addon does already exist for older versions of osCommerce, but the code leaves a bit to be desired. Step 1. Create the “Add A Customer” form to the admin – copied the create_account.php page from… Read More »

Got Fork? Make sure you know enough…

The other day I was contacted via email by a member of the osCommerce forum asking a very basic question about how osCommerce displays categories. This person offers a fork of osCommerce…in my opinion anyone who forks needs to have enough knowledge to not ask ANY questions in the osCommerce forum, or make sure that… Read More »

Bundle Products 2.3.1

In response to an idea from a long-standing customer, I’ve been working on a system that allows the Shop Owner to make a product that is made out of other products. Imagine for example, a shop that sells plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups, glasses – and they want to sell a “bundle” of those as… Read More »