osCom 3.0.2 is available

osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0.2 is out! Not announced at the osCommerce forum, only on Twitter – seems that the osCommerce forum is not used anymore for announcements.

I took the time to install it – it’s very similar in looks and feel to 3.0.1. It is still unusable in real life use (as important modules are still missing). But it is forward movement for osCommerce, which is a good thing.

How to Install

Firstly you need a server that has the following as an absolute minimum;

  • PHP 5.3.0 or greater
  • MySQL (PDO)
  • OpenSSL
  • Phar

Also, recommended are;

  • Curl
  • GD Library
  • HTTP
  • SQLite (PDO)
  • Zlib

In PHP, you need the following settings ON; file_uploads and the following settings OFF; magic_quotes, register_globals, session.auto_start, session_use_trans_sid.

If you have all that ready to go, then the install is simple

Step 1; Create an empty database

Step 2; Follow the installation procedure (this is a series of pages asking for information, it’s very simple to follow.

If anyone wants a more in-depth post on how to install, let me know.


Pointless to make a public release of this – it is unusable for 99.9% of shopowners at this point. Developers are not being informed as to upcoming changes – changes are introduced in older osCommerce and then not being carried over (a typical example is 960 grid system introduced in 2.3.1).

Release to developers and interested others as a beta. This would immediately solve the problem of new osC users wanting to download the “latest greatest” then finding it to be unusable.

Lastly, GPL…

Is osCommerce still GPL? The answer appears to be a sort-of “no”. It is licensed BSD, under a Modified BSD License. I’m not sure what the implication of that is/will be.

How To Install osCommerce v3

Pre Pre Step 1

Set up an empty database, ready for use.
Download osCommerce v3.

Pre Step 1

Click the “New Install” button.

Step 1

Insert the values for the Database connection.

Press “> Continue” button.

Step 2

Insert the values for the Store.

Press “> Continue” button.

Step 3

There is no step 3, the shop and admin are installed! You can press the “Online Shop” button to visit the shop;

And/or the “Administration Tool” to visit the admin;

osCommerce 3 (aka oscom3) – not for public consumption

I’ve had more than a handful of requests to update existing shops to the upcoming osCommerce v3. I’ve turned them all away on the basis that 3 needs time to grow before it is used on a real shop.

Let me say that again in more clear english;

osCommerce v3 is NOT suitable for use in a live shop.

Manager, Harald Ponce de Leon, says;

…v3.0 does not contain a full user feature set to be able to run an online store on…

Developer Group Manager, Mark Evans, says;

…anyone that jumps into something which isn’t even proven is asking for trouble […] we will learn a lot before I would use it for “end users”, I’m hoping the community will help shape what it becomes…

osCommerce v3 and Thrashbox

Thrashbox is a css way to create great looking boxes. You can view the homepage and a load of reading material at http://www.vertexwerks.com/tests/sidebox/. Enjoy!

It’s really simple to get this effect into osCommerce, image below;

Look good, don’t they. All you need to do id be using the “default” layout of osc v3 (not the tables based version). Amend each of the template infobox files directly so that they read a bit like this:

Then add the thrashbox .css to the template stylesheet file and save the thrashbox images into the right place in your template file structure. Once you got it done and working, you will want to make your own images to suit the look of your site – simply open up each original thrashbox gif, change it and resave as the same name.


Should I use the new v3 osCommerce?

Ellie asks;

…finally version 3 of osc is available, so should I upgrade my existing store?

That’s kind of a tough question, as the new v3 osCommerce is much better than previous versions of osCommerce. It’s leaner, meaner and faster. The codebase is changed a lot from the previous versions…

However, this update has caused problems, almost all (if not ALL) contributions will not work with the new version. In addition, the templating system being used is not at all straightforward, so it will be very difficult to change the default install to match whatever your store looks like now (assuming it’s not “out of the box” osCommerce already)…

So, my advice:

Avoid v3 of osCommerce until some of the more important contributions have been updated!

osc v3 – something brewing? 1 day to go?

I’ve never seen more than 1 Team Member on…

and today there have been 3 already! Something brewing regards the promised release of v3 of osCommerce do you think?

Forget “mother” as that’s just a generic team member who does nothing. The other two, “Yuen” and “Odom” don’t do much except to look after the Live Shops area.

This post is just a bit of fun in the countdown to v3, don’t think too hard about it 😉

osCommerce v3 – released

Well almost 😉 Apparently v3.0 of osCommerce is near to release, here’s a paragraph from HPDL;

…look forward to making 2009 an even better year with osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0, with a production-ready release of the new core engine being made in February…

So, v3 should be out there, accessible by all, by the end of February. Which will be good as it’s been far too long since the last release of osCommerce.

However, don’t hold your breath! It’s well known that osCommerce has the slowest release cycle of almost any (large) open source project. This new version has been promised for YEARS, so I don’t really expect to see it within the next 6 weeks.

If I am wrong about that, and I hope I am, then great. Of course, a new release of osCommerce means more support work, updating my templates, updating my eBooks and all the rest of that gubbins. I’ll also need to make a new category in this blog just for v3 questions as there is going to be a lot of them, I suspect.