Contact Form on search results?

By | July 2, 2012

The other day I wrote about my new “fuzzy search” which brings more power to the search function of osCommerce. My friend Paul asked about having a “contact form” on the search results page. My idea was to have a form show if the fuzzy search results show.

So, now the advanced_search_result.php page looks something like this;

Now the person searching has the ability to see “exact matches” as per usual osCommerce and “fuzzy matches” as per my update and a “form” to easily contact the Shop Owner. The form utilises the usual osCommerce structure, including error messages as appropriate and action_recorder.

2 thoughts on “Contact Form on search results?

  1. Debbie

    I am having the worst time trying to contact customer servcie at OS Commerce to let them know someone is trying to activate/access an old web site account from an email I received through my current email account requesting password information. How do I shut this person down?

  2. Gary

    Debbie, there is no customer service at osCommerce. I don’t understand the problem you have, if you want to email me directly on to explain further I might be able to help.

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