Cookies, Links, Session IDs

By | October 6, 2008

Cheri asks;

I have an extra text box on my index page and I would like to add hyperlinks. I’m told that the HTML may cause problems, including the possibility of my customer’s carts getting emptied and/or logging the customer out. Do you agree with this? And what issues would forcing cookies possibly cause? Please explain in as simple terms as possible, I don’t know code, etc. The store is doing pretty well right now and the last thing I want to do is chase away customers. I just think adding hyperlinks on the front page would make the spiders happy. And we like happy spiders 🙂

All you need to remember is that any links that go to other osCommerce based pages in your own site MUST carry a SID. Any links elsewhere, need not.

So, to carry a SID, use the “tep_href_link” function;


Obviously in the example above we are linking to category ID = 24. You can pass more parameters as you need them;


What this will do is link the SSL page iny our site (https://) rather than the normal http page. Assuming you have SSL set up of course!

Hope this helps.

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