Date and Time Choosing Project

Quoted a new client the other day for an install of the Date/Time chooser for deliveries, but with some added extras, namely;

Rule 1. Deliveries can only be selected from Tuesday to Saturday.
This took a small function to exclude sundays and mondays from the datepicker display.

Rule 2. Delivery slots are available only from 11am to 2pm
Subject to rule 1 days, and in 15 minute slots; 11, 11.15, 11.30 and so on. Fairly straightforward.

Rule 3. Delivery days can be booked upto 6 months in advance.
Again, straightforward.

Rule 4. Delivery slot can only be booked for the next day if ordering before 8pm the day before.
If after 8pm, the earliest delivery is the day after next (subject to rule 1). 1 line of PHP deals with this.

Rule5. Time is to be determined based on New York time. The server is located in Texas.
1 line of PHP solves this.

So, I made it…

As I had some time free today, I coded this mod whilst waiting on the client to decide whether or not to accept my quotation.

The modification turned out very well, and is using a minimum of code for all the necessary calculations, mainly HTML (php) for the layout, a couple of lines of PHP code to ensure stability of New York timings and a few lines of javascript to power the whole thing.


osCommerce is probably not the best tool to use for taking orders (this modification is for a restaurant), but it can be made to act in any way needed, with some coding finesse.

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  1. Hey i want to make Delivery slots period if product bought today he cant buy that for next 15 days smthing of that kind Help Me Thanx in advance and evn i want to integrate sms(short service mesaage) in oscommerce

  2. You want to have the customer buy now, but not be able to select a day that is less than 15 days in the future?

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