Delivery Time in osCommerce

The other day, I was asked about the possibility of including a time selection field in the shipping page of an osCommerce site. A typical example would be a delivery service such as a flower shop.

This is very alike my previous code for selcting a delivery date which works well. Basically, all I had to was copy that but make it “time” instead of “date”.

With some Googling, I found a nice jQuery based timepicker which i integrated into the checkout_shipping page.

So, the checkout_shipping.php after the changes;

In the admin, on the orders.php details, it looks like this;

Obviously I chose that date and time in the checkout page. Th selcted date and time also shows in the customer facing order history page(s) as well. Sweet!

As you can see I prettied up the time selector by adding a clock image. Looks pretty nice!

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  1. Hello Gary

    Your delivery time is very good, congratulations, but i have now a problem:

    How can i integrate the jQuery based timepicker into the checkout_shipping page?

    Thank you very much

  2. Thank you for nothing 🙂

    Do not get Open Source, GPL and Free confused. You are running a business as is everyone else.

  3. Hi,

    Can we prevent costumers to book twice the same time?

    I mean if the costumer 1 booked tuesday at 10 am I would like to block this delivery time.

    Thank you


  4. Stan – that’s possible, with a lot more coding. The way it’s done now does not track time slots, so would need a way of marking slots which have been bought and not show them on a per product basis. Not straightforward. If you want to explore it further and get a quote, email me on

  5. Hi, Is that a way to turn some products off on special date, like in such a way that products in category 1 are not available to delivery on 31Jan 2014 but products in category 2 are available on the same day. Need help urgently.

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