Discount Vouchers for MS2 + Installation Service

By | March 4, 2008

All, I just found enough time to test out an install of the DC GV Contribution for RC1 and RC2, but onto MS2-060817.  It installed very well, and so I can now say that if you FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS closely, you should be able to get your MS2 up and running with DC GV within less than half an hour.

If you have a very modified version of osCommerce, it might take you much longer!

I can offer an installation service if anyone is interested.  The charge for this will be $50 – if I cannot install it and get it working as per the instructions, you will get a FULL REFUND, no questions asked.  If you are interested, please send me an email, my email address is up there ^

I also can now offer this service for RC1, RC2 and RC2a, whether or not you have contributions installed.

29 thoughts on “Discount Vouchers for MS2 + Installation Service

  1. Misery_Kitty

    THANKS!!! i will try is asap… you’re a champ!! 😀

  2. Gary Post author

    MK, please let me know how you get on. Thanks, Gary

  3. jarzom

    Now i have installed and testet the contrib. on a MS2.

    It seems that the 2 tables coupons and coupon_to_customer DONT get updated after the coupon is uded. The counter in coupons are not updatede (still 0), and no record is added to coupons_to_customer ???

    Maybe i’ve done something wrong. But i have doubble-checked the instalation.

    Anyone ?

  4. Gary Post author

    Jarzom – these tables are updated in checkout_process.php so you need to make sure that you have successfully followed instructions for that particular file. It works good in my testing (on MS2 060817).

  5. Gary Post author

    “The counter in coupons are not updatede (still 0)”

    There is no counter – can you explain more?

  6. jarzom

    Hi again,

    its working now (made a typo in checkout_process.php). Forget about the counter…. my mistake.

    Great contrib 🙂 Very very usefull….

    It would be great if it could: Be used by one or all customers (as some one else here requested)
    and if you could se in the admin, if it has been used.


  7. Gary Post author

    “Be used by one or all customers” – already is part of the features.

  8. kelly

    hi i tried it and did everything exactly very carefully… now this line of code is giving me an error i tried changing it up but something is missing and for some reason my admin menu is not showing much else then this error:
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in /home/antkel23/public_html/eStore/admin/includes/boxes/customers.php on line 23”

    some of the code is missing for me and i cant for the life of me work it out… yet when i take out the line that the contribution wants me to add in the page my admin menu goes back to normal??? got me stumped 🙁

  9. Gary Post author

    Kelly – use the admin/includes/boxes/customers.php file that is inside the “install on brnad new osc” folder…

    That should solve your problem – you are putting the line of code in slightly the wrong place. The “already installed” instructions assume a little bit of osC knowledge, sorry.

  10. jarzom

    I ment that i would be nice if we could bind a specific coupon-code to a specific customer. Thereby it wont be possible for other customers to use that specific code.


  11. Gary Post author

    Jarzom – I like the idea of fixing a couon to a customer. In the meantime, you could just let that one customer know the disocunt code – that would work. Unless the customer told it to someone else of course 😉

  12. jarzom

    Hahaha… thats right, until the customer tells it to all the mates…. 🙂

  13. kelly

    *MWAH* ur a legend!!! thanks heaps will pass on this link to ALL my friends!!!

  14. kelly

    ok lil problem… i notice it shows $0 in AUD on my items in checkout, no change on USD sales and in admin it says the discounts and fixes in pound a pence?? can we change that at all??

    thanks in advance!

  15. Gary Post author

    Kel – you can change whatever you want 😉

    The pound & pence in admin can be changed in the language file. Note that the amount you put is the base amount for the default currency. If you store works in USD and you put $20 as a discount amount, it will be $20 on USD sales. If a person buys in GBP, the discount amount will be £10 (due to exchange rate). Otherwise a buyer in GBP will be getting a doble discount.

    I’d suggest that as your prices are showing zero, you have a problem elsewhere, perhaps in your localization > currencies. Or somewhere else entirely 😉


  16. kelly

    bugger i was hoping you would say that 🙁 it was working fine before i added the coupon contribution 🙁

    i’ll go have a looksy at the language file thanks for the heads up there 😀

  17. kelly

    ok thanks for the contribution but i give up… been trying different ones for 3 weeks steady and its not going good at all… i decided to rule out coupons in my store and just live with monthly specials…. 🙁

    thanks again anyway.

  18. kelly

    oh btw i took out everything coupon orientate and my store works fine again… so not sure what happened there ? 😮

  19. Gary Post author

    Pretty easy to explain 😉

    If you add code incorrectly, the shop will break.
    If you take out the incorrectly added code, it becomes unbroken…

    Don’t forget that I offer an installation service should you decide you want to have it properly working, and installed by someone who knows osCommerce inside out.

  20. jarzom

    Hi again.

    It could also be nice to limit the multiple usage to a number of your own choise. Eg. three times. . .

    -and still fixing it to a specific customer 🙂


  21. Gary Post author

    Hey jarzom – the code is open so you can add al that if cannot wait for me to (maybe) do it…

  22. kelly

    thanks for the offer for the install but i have nada money wise thats why i’m suffering through it myself lol… hey but thanks for the time and effort with the contributions!!!

  23. Gary Post author

    Kel – I understand. Thanks for the thanks 🙂

  24. girl

    Hi, thanks for the contribution. I got it installed and it seems to be working (have yet to test it with paypal sandbox)but with the test credit card it is working great :).

    I have one(or two) suggestion for future updates, if coupons can be made usable for 1. only certain categories and 2. for certain products that would be really helpful.

    thanks again.

  25. Sheena

    Hi there, thanks so much for this contribution!! I have one question though, when I tested the coupon, on the checkout confirmation page, it has this:

    1146 – Table ‘mabyland_osc1.TABLE_COUPONS_TO_CUSTOMER’ doesn’t exist

    select count(*) as total from TABLE_COUPONS_TO_CUSTOMER where coupon_id = ‘2’ and customer_id = ‘180’

    [TEP STOP]

    I don’t know if I’ve done the SQL properly, but I did use the quick method you shared on and I thought that has worked?!

    Maybe I’m missing something silly here…. please help!

    Many thanks.


  26. Gary Post author

    You have not followed the instructions, and this is why I offer an installation service 😉

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