Downgrade osCommerce 3 to 2.x

By | November 2, 2010

Whilst searching on something entirely unrelated, I stumbled across this page from Tim Boormans at ;

What especially caught my eye, was the “osCommerce 3.0 naar osCommerce 2.2 Downgrade migratietool (converter)“. This is a script which will amend the v3 database to a 2.x database. Obviously it can only be used on a newish installation of 3, but as there are barely any extras available for 3 as yet, that’s fine.

I have not used it, but it could be a nice little script for anyone who tries 3, inserts their products and so on and then, sometime later, thinks “no thanks”.

I’ve opened up the readme, which is in dutch;

Deze downgrade migratietool is eenmalige gebruikt door onszelf voor het migreren van een nieuwe installatie door een klant naar de stabiele 2.2 versie van osCommerce. Deze migratietool is dus initieel niet gebouwd voor verspreiding, maar wordt toch gepubliceerd om de essentie ervan

Use as you want, at your own risk? Any native dutch speakers reading could translate, would be excellent.

4 thoughts on “Downgrade osCommerce 3 to 2.x

  1. Snowbird

    Hey Gary,
    Not from me but from Bing Translator:

    This downgrade migratietool is one-time use by ourselves to migrate from a new installation by a customer to the stable 2.2 version of osCommerce. This is so initial migratietool not built for distribution, but is published to the essence

  2. JanZ

    In Dunglish (Dutch English) the quote form the readme says:

    “This downgrade migration tool has been used once by ourselves for migrating a new installion of a client to the stable 2.2 version of osCommerce. This migration tool was initially not made with distribution in mind but is published anyway because of the essence of it.”

  3. Tim Boormans

    Hi guys,

    I have written this converter for a customer of my company. I have publicated it because there is not any script available for doing the migration from 3.x to 2.x. Before i started with setting up a 3.x shop i didnt know that osCommerce does only release new versions about 1 time a year..

    Although it is not a completely automated script, it will make the essence of migration clear to the ones who can read and write Dutch 😉

    I have no time to make a cool automated tool for this, but if one of you creates such a tool i will put it into the script-package on my website!

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